My Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou & C-ute Rankings

Paul at Hello! Blog has made a poll where you can rank your favorite members of the three main Hello! Project groups – Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, & C-ute.  Here are my results, and you can click on the link below to take the poll yourself.

Hello! Blog

1. Jun Jun – To me, Jun Jun has it all. Good voice, she’s cute, funny, entertaining, & more. I personally think she has the most personality out of all Morning Musume members. She’s just awesome.

2. Niigaki Risa – Gaki-san is the cutest girl ever. Her voice is unique & she has great & funny personality. I never get bored watching her. I also think she has changed the most in Morning Musume. When she first joined she was this little 13-year-old-pigtailed-girl. Now, she is the most beautiful Morning Musume member in my opinion, & her voice has matured well.

3. Kamei Eri – Kamei-chan used to be near the bottom of my list, but she has moved up, as you can see. I recently bought her MAPLE photobook & it’s the best I’ve seen from Hello! Project yet. She’s adorable, & her voice is the cutesy type but still very mature.

4. Kusumi Koharu – When I first saw Koha-chan, she was my instant favorite. I thought she was the cutest thing ever. But eventually she fell from being my favorite but still remains one. She doesn’t have that great of a voice I must admit, but her personality is cute & addicting. Even with her kind of voice, she can still make songs enjoyable.

5. Takahashi Ai – At first, I didn’t really notice Ai-chan. But a few months ago, I started to realize how awesome she is. Her voice is really strong, which I can see why she gets the lead in Morning Musume currently. She has her funny moments & can be really cute at times.

6. Lin Lin – Sadly, Lin Lin hasn’t had the effect on me that Jun Jun has. Her voice & looks are unique for sure, & she is really entertaining on Haromoni@. Other than that, I can’t really say anything else.

7. Tanaka Reina – Reina is the most photogenic member in my opinion. The only thing that bugs me is her voice…some times it’s good & other times it’s not.

8. Michishige Sayumi – There isn’t really a lot to say about her other than she’s one of the most entertaining on Haromoni@. And that she’s cute. Her voice isn’t that good but i don’t think it’s horrible or anything.

9. Mitsui Aika – Aika is far from being hated by me, but she just never really did anything to get my attention. Hopefully she will move up as the months pass.


1. Sudou Maasa – Maasa is my favorite Hello! Project member, ever. She’s pretty & I think she has one of the best voices in Berryz. Her cheekbones are adorable!! haha. Everything she does is awesome. Hopefully she will get a photobook this year :3

2. Shimizu Saki – Captain is cute, & I think she has the best voice in the group. It’s kinda sad though that she’s always pushed to the back even though she has talent.

3. Tokunaga Chinami – Chinami I think is the cutest member of Berryz. She has a unique look, & unlike most people, I love her short haircut. She’s also the most funniest, & her voice is good for being a high-pitched one.

4. Tsugunaga Momoko – Momo used to be on the very bottom of my list, but now I adore her. I think is was Buono! that made me love her. She’s cute & her voice isn’t as squeaky in concerts, which is awesome.

5. Kumai Yurina – Yurina is tall & beautiful, has a nice personality & is funny, but her voice is lacking. She has almost no emotion in her singing. Hopefully her voice will get better soon. She seems to be really shy, so I haven’t really seen much of her personality but I like what I’ve seen so far.

6. Natsuyaki Miyabi – I also believe that Miya-chan has one of the best voices in Berryz, but other than that, I don’t see anything special about her. Although sometimes she has her moments.

7. Sugaya Risako – Risako is the only Berryz member I dislike. She gets way more attention that she needs. She needs to learn that singing does not equal screaming. It’s annoying on how many photobooks she’s getting now a days – there are more H!PK who deserve at least ONE photobook before Risako gets her 10th. I also don’t like how UFA changed her. She was a really cute kid, but she looks really fake now, sorry. She’s pretty, but I don’t see why she sings so much because her voice isn’t that good & she is too shy to be a front in Berryz.

1. Okai Chisato – I adore Chisato. She deserves more attention. I think she’s the cutest member of C-ute & she no doubt has the best voice of all of the Hello! Project Kids. It’s a shame UFA doesn’t care about talent, though.

2. Umeda Erika – Ume-chan is the cutest 16 year old I’ve ever seen. Like Chisato though, she always gets pushed to the back, even though her voice is good. She’s getting a solo song on the upcoming C-ute album though, so hopefully they are starting to see her talent.

3. Arihara Kanna – KanKan was near the bottom of my list before, but now I love her. I think she’s the H!PK who looks most like a regular teenager, she reminds me of “the girl next door”. Her voice is also cute, & I love her ears!!

4. Yajima Maimi – Maimi is the most beautiful H!PK in my opinion, she’s just got that “classic beauty” look to her. It’s kinda surprising, because if you looked at her in the audition back in 2002, she looked completely different. Her voice isn’t the best but it’s not horrible, & I don’t mind that she gets lots of solos & photobooks because she deserves them.

5. Hagiwara Mai – Maimai is cute but her voice needs to improve. I know she’s only 12, but that’s good because now I can watch her grow up. She’ll be hot in a couple of years, I always thought she looked like Maimi so… :3

6. Suzuki Airi – Airi’s personality is cute & her voice isn’t as horrible as Berryz’s main vocalist, but it’s annoying on how she gets all the lines. Tokaikko Junjou was ridiculous. Would it have killed them to give 1 line each to Chisa, Ume-chan & KanKan? No. When did this group become Suzuki Airi featuring C-ute? I think this is why I prefer Berryz – even though they all have main singers, Berryz has 3 (sometimes 4) & the other 3 usually get 1-2 lines while in C-ute it’s just Airi with the occasional Maimi & Mai with some Saki. I really do like Airi’s unique looks, though.

7. Nakajima Saki – Like Aika, I am far from hating her, it’s just I’ve never seen her do anything interesting.


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