My Favorite Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou & C-ute Songs

I haven’t really contributed anything interesting in this blog yet (as in sharing my opinions) so I will do so now. :3

My Top 5 Morning Musume Songs

01. I Wish – I’m listening to this song as I type. This song was one of my first H!P songs – when I first saw the music video, I fell in love with the whole single. The song, PV, cover, lyrics, everything is great. The PV is one of the best Momusu PV’s, if not the best. It has a cute little story to it, & I haven’t seen too many H!P videos with that. It’s the only “old” Morning Musume single I own currently. If you haven’t heard this song, seen the PV, or bought it, I’d suggest you do so. Now. :3

02. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru – My favorite H!P b-side, ever. I love how the instrumental in the beginning is all soft like & different from H!P songs & then it gets loud like a regular H!P song. This song makes me feel unbelievably nostalgic. How the chorus repeats over & over again doesn’t annoy me at all & I love the echoing effect they have towards the end choruses. The lyrics are one of my favorites too.

03. Do It! Now – What I love most about this song is that not a single vocal sounds bad. Everyone sang beautifully. My favorite part of the song is the little “rap” part. I also like Kaori’s solo line & Mari’s “Yeah”. This song is different than most of the cutesy stuff MM released back in those days, which is a nice break. I’m glad Maki went out with a great song.

04. Aisha Loan de – I’m a sucker nostalgic songs. If this song isn’t the H!P best album track ever. Vocals are awesome, the lyrics are cute, the video is /awesome/. I have to admit that it took a while to like this song though – the chorus is what got me the most, but I always stopped the song after Kei-chan’s first solo line for some reason. The only flaw I can think about it is that Sayaka wasn’t in the PV for it.

05. Dance suru no da! – Nostalgic song again. What I like most about this song is when after the solos are sang, they have the sound related the the line (like one is “clap clap suru no da” & then clapping sounds are heard). The chorus is the best part of the song though. I don’t know why, but this song makes me want to cry every time I listen to it…

Honorable Mentions – Manatsu no Kousen, Housekibako, Yuki / Ai x Anata ≥ Suki, Kotatsu no Uta ~Jyuken Story~, Otome no Shinrigaku, Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~, Koi ING, Suki na Senpai, Sayonara See You Again Adios Bye Bye Chaccha!

My Top 5 Berryz Koubou Songs

01. Gag 100kaibun Aishite Kudasai – This song is amazing. The lyrics are extremely weird & random – but cute. Their voices at the time fitted this song well – I can’t really imagine them singing it now. The best part is the chorus – especially Momo’s. I like when on the last chorus, it’s like “nani yori mo kono shunkan ga” but the “n” on shukan & the “ga” are pronounced in this really deep voice – at first I thought it was Captain’s voice lol. The only thing I dislike is that I wish every member could have their own solo chorus – it’d make it more awesome.

02. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi One of the best newer Berryz songs. Extremely catchy, & it was a nice break from Very Beauty & Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba, which were considered ballads. Everyone got lines, which was awesome. Miyabi seems like she improved – heck, even Risako sounds like she improved.

03. Sprinter! – Best Berryz album track, ever. I love Captain & Miya’s voices & they really did show their best here. The song kind of reminds me of the old times – like the 40’s…or something. Which is awesome. The lines where also given out well, as you’d probably expect Miya to get more lines than poor Captain.

04. Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai The lyrics are kinda weird for 9-12 year olds to be singing, but this song is amazing. I love the beginning music. My favorite parts of the song are Maasa & Saki’s lines. And even though their voices haven’t really matured at this point, it’s still an enjoyable song. It’s kinda funny how this is probably their most mature song though…

05. Gaki Taishou – Best Berryz b-side. The song has kind of a carnival theme to it – for some reason I can imagine walking around a circus/carnival/festival or whatever & playing all the games there while singing. The line distribution was good also – Risako & Miyabi didn’t hog all the lines as always (but Momoko did haha) & Chinami & Maasa got a lot of lines.

Honorable Mentions – Halation Summer, Omoitattara Kichi desse!,Very Beauty, Sakura wa Raku sa, Munasawagi Scarlet, Piriri to Yukou!

My Top 5 C-ute Songs

01. Bokura no Kagayaki – It’s impossible to not like this song when it has spectacular arrangement & when your 3 favorite members are singing in it. Chisato sounds FANTASTIC – if you want to see Chisato at her best, this is the song. I can’t get over the awesomeness of this song. <3

02. Massara Blue Jeans – What a great debut song. I love Kanna’s shout in the beginning & the chorus is one of the catchiest ever. It’s almost impossible to sit during this song – you get the sudden urge to dance. I wish you could buy this song online because it would defiantly be one of the first things I’d buy.

03. Jump – Best C-ute b-side. I especially love Erika & Chisato’s lines & how Maimi’s voice sounds so different than the others. I love the chorus. It will take a longgggg time for another good b-side like this.

04. Tokaikko Junjou – After the cutesy singles Sakura Chirari & Meguru no Koi Kisetsu, no one expected a song like this. Everyone seems to like this song, as it’s more mature. The covers & PV are also awesome & it’s one of the 2 C-ute CD’s I currently own (the other being Sakura Chirari) This song would have gotten higher on my list if Airi didn’t hog all the lines…again.

05. Lalala Shiawase no Uta – Even though this song is still new (it’s not even released yet haha), I’m in love with it already. I’ve loved it even since first listen. I like how Maimi is the center rather than Airi this time, as she deserves it. Also, Airi’s & Saki’s voices went down a lot since the last single. What happened?

Honorable Mentions – Disco Queen, Meguru no Koi Kisetsu, Wakkyanai (Z), Soku Dakishimete, Sakura Chirari

There you have it! My favorites. This took a while to write (about 2 hours) so…yay :3


2 Responses

  1. I’m definitely with you on the C-ute picks; Bokura is fabulous, but I’m a little more partial to Jump! because I think it is one of the best songs ever.

  2. I like how your taste is different form most of the people who blog about H!P. It’s great to have an opinion and not crack under pressure (I’m saying this because everyone hated on Momusu’s mini album, Berryz’s Tsukiatteru single and LALALA shiawase no Uta, yet you seem to like all of them) I loved Tsukiatteru, so it’s nice to see someone else with whom I share this :D

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