Resonant Blue PV

The PV for Morning Musume’s newest single has been uploaded to Dohhh Up!.

To be honest, I kinda expected better. This is basically a dance shot, it had like no closeups. Also, the only ones I could really see were Ai, Reina & Koharu & sometimes Risa. I seriously didn’t know where the other girls were…they were basically just not there. I really like the outfits though, Koharu & Ai (& probably the others, but what would I know what they looked like? I can’t see them) are stunnin’.

Here’s the tracklisting for the single by the way

1. Resonant Blue
2. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenaijan!
3. Resonant Blue (Instrumental)

The single is being released April 16th.


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