Resonant Blue Covers

Here are the covers for Morning Musume’s new single Resonant Blue

(click to see the full got cut off)

I know they aren’t really high quality…but yeah. I’m assuming that the Regular Edition is on top while the Limited Edition A is the bottom left & the Limited Edition B is bottom right. They kind of remind me of the Onna ni Sachi Are covers (the regular & Limited Edition A of OnSA look similar to the Limited Editions of these & Limited Edition B looked like the regular one of this…if that makes sense) These are disappointing comparing them to Mikan‘s covers (at least I think so)

The regular is best in my opinion, which is good because that’s the one I’m going to order.

The single will be released April 16th.

Also, I’m going to post this here because it’s not really a big announcement – Niigaki Risa’s new photobook is titled “Happy Girl”. It is being released April 25th.

EDIT – Bigger Images (I made a mistake on some of the covers by the way ^^;; here are the correct ones)

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B



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