Why is Maki in the USA?

Maki wrote in her blog on what she was doing in Los Angeles…

(credit to Hello! Online for the translation)

2008.03.26 Wednesday

Yesterday’s continuation

Was it yesterday? Today? It seems Tokyo was warm these days.
Wonder if in L. A was just a little bit chilly.

Anyway, resuming what I was saying yesterday…(like What am I doing in L.A.?)

Since today’s morning I went to the gym, I ran, and ran, and ran. LOL
OK, I’ll take this seriously.

Then, a krump dance lesson!!!

This one was really risky.
I’ve been living for 22 years but it’s my first time doing this.

BTW, about the krump thing…
Since is also my first time, I cannot explain it pretty well,
it’s like an angry sensation, like if you are listening to a big punch,
but for those who dance it, that image is totally… wrong…

Anyhow, I’m moving a lot!!!!
Although, I’m not used to see girls dancing it, but it’s really interesting.

And, yesterday I had voice training,

Such as Ballet, Jazz, and Hip-hop~.
My body is getting strong LOL

Tomorrow, I’ll have dance lessons…. and I suppose to attend a show.

Well, see ya.

Ah, btw, today, I went to buy a jersey….
It’s super cute
Maybe I’ll use it during my lessons!!! It’s a pink one!!
I can’t get this stuff in Japan…..
So the prize worths

Ok, have a good niiiight.

To learn about krumping, click here.

I’m so glad Maki’s still active~!


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