Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU PV

The PV for v-u-den’s 10th & final single has been put up on Dohhh UP!.

Click Here

I really like the PV & the song. To be honest I just listened to the Morning Musume version of the song for the first time about 2 days ago & I liked it. But v-u-den’s version is way better…fits better for their voices & a smaller group. I really, really like this song, I can see myself listening to it a lot, maybe even buying it.

I’m sad to see them go…they had really great songs. My favorite song from them is Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari which is also one of my favorite Hello! Project songs. I didn’t really like their “sexy” image though – they kind of went downhill with me from that, but I love listening to their older songs. Apparently this new song isn’t “sexy” so I’m glad they are getting something good to end the group. Also, I always hear people complaining on how bad their sales were – why? Artists like Melon Kinenbi, Nakazawa Yuuko & Maeda Yuki sell way less than them, but I don’t see nearly as much complaining. I just hope the do something with Yui & Erika. I doubt either of them will become soloists & I really don’t hope that they end up like Yasuda Kei or Ayaka. I’m not a big fan of Rika but since she is one of the more popular members she’d probably just stay in Ongaku Gatas or go solo eventually (although personally I think she isn’t ready for that yet). Anyway, I’m really going to miss v-u-den & I hope all 3 members will continue to be active.


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