My Favorite All Time Morning Musume Members

Since there is an amazing lack of Hello! Project related news, I will post my favorite all time Morning Musume members because I just recently made an avatar of every member. :3

01. Jun Jun – How can you not love Jun Jun? She’s adorable & she is one of the current members that has the most personality. When I see her at or near the bottom of someone’s favorites list, I am in shock because almost everyone seems to like her in a way. Anyway, she is my favorite all-time Morning Musume all though she has been in the group only for a year.

02. Kago Ai – Aibon! She was & will always be adorable. She was really talented, I think she was the best singer in Hello! Project who had a higher-pitched voice. No matter what she did or does, she will always remain a favorite. When news of the interview came up, I was one of the happiest people alive. :3 I look forward to whatever she will do.

03. Goto Maki – Like what I said above, I can’t think of anyone who hates Maki. She is what made the Morning Musume we all love. Without her, Momusu most likely wouldn’t be around today. She has just done so much. Everytime I think “Morning Musume”, Maki is always one of the first members that comes to my mind. She just represents Morning Musume so well & she made a great idol.

04. Abe Natsumi – Along with Maki, I always think “Nacchi” when I think of Momusu. She was the face of the group. She is easily one of the best singers in the history of the group, & it’s no surprise why she was pushed up to the front. & I love her smile. Whenever I see her smile, I want to myself~

05. Niigaki Risa – Seen to many as “loud” & “annoying”, I find her incredibly cute. Her voice is one of the most unique in Morning Musume’s history & she has had the most change in looks, too. I know if I was just beginning to like Momusu, I would not be able to tell her current self form her younger self. She is just amazing in every way to me & she is a really great idol. She is one of the members I look up to the most.

06. Yaguchi Mari – Mari is no doubt the most entertaining member of Morning Musume. In the older TV shows, I was always watching her because she is just so interesting to watch. I am sad she isn’t singing anymore, because her voice is really great. She is also really, really cute & I love it when taller members stand next to her because her height is just so awesome. :3

07. Takahashi Ai – She has the best voice in the current line-up, although I just noticed her a few months ago. A lot of people dislike her because she is a “line hog” but she deserves it. I can’t imagine Morning Musume without her, because I think she also represents the group a bit like Nacchi & Maki.

08. Nakazawa Yuuko – Yuuko is just amazing. She has a “mean” like personality without taking it too far & she can be as funny as Mari. I love her voice too – it’s really soothing & unique. I wish they would give her more songs though – just because she is “old” doesn’t mean she can’t sing! :P I loved Danna Sama & I really, really want a new song by her.

09. Yoshizawa Hitomi – Yossy used to be one of my favorite members, but she has fallen mostly because I don’t really like the activities she has been doing. I like Ongaku Gatas but she deserves better. She is really entertaining – I was recently watching the Alo-Hello! 2 DVD & I was laughing so hard because of her. She’s just so funny! Her voice kinda matches her personality too, if that makes sense. :3

10. Kamei Eri – The thing I love most about Eri is how far she has come. She used to be so shy & insecure but now she has confidence & has a great sense of humor. Along with Risa, I look up to her a lot because I am like how she used to be & she shows me that you can change for the better. Also, she is really beautiful, one of the most beautiful in Hello! Project imo. Her voice also sounds like Aibon’s, who I love, so it’s impossible for me not to love Eririn.

11. Iida Kaori – Ah, Kaorin. She’s so beautiful & funny. On older TV shows, she was made fun of a lot, & she always had this expression on her face that said, “Why are you doing this to me?!” which is what made me notice her. :P Her voice is also amazing. Even though she hasn’t had a solo song since 2005, she sounded the best in the Momusu 10th Anniversary singles imo. Hopefully she comes back to H!P soon~

12. Ogawa Makoto – Poor Makoto was always in the backround when she was in Morning Musume. Which is a shame, because her voice is up with Yuuko & Risa’s for being the most unique. And I also think she was one of the best, if not the best, dancers in Momusu history. She was also the most funny in the Hello! Morning skits. There are rumors that she is returning to H!P this year & I hope they are true because I love me some Mako. :P

13. Yasuda Kei – Kei is no doubt one of the strongest singers in Momusu’s history. But like Mako, she was always pushed in the back. She seems really professional in everything she does & I look up to her. I am really mad that they never gave her a solo career because she deserves it… at least but her in a unit. Please. T_T

14. Tsuji Nozomi – Although Aibon is ranked higher that Nono, I love them together. They are the best combo in Hello! Project, ever. And she is extremely cute & has turned into a real beauty. Even though she may be the bakajo, she really is just so cute in everything she does. :P

15. Kusumi Koharu – I love Koharu because she seems to be really happy with what she does. She is a really good idol, & I know if I was a little Japanese girl, I would watch Kirarin Revolution all the time & look up to Koha like children in America look up to Hannah Montana. Her voice may not be the best but being an idol isn’t just about the voice. I just love how enthusiastic she is & she has become quite humorous lately too.

16. Lin Lin – Lin Lin is probably the most entertaining current member. She’s just as crazy as Koharu. Her voice is really good from what we have heard so far & she isn’t afraid to act like a fool in front of the cameras. I really like how charismatic she is & she has a unique beauty.

17. Michishige Sayumi – Sayumi, along with Lin Lin, is also the most entertaining current member. On Haromoni@, even though I can barely understand, I always laugh at what she say or does because she’s just funny at whatever she does. I think the reason why is because she tries to take things seriously but just fails at it. :P She is also one of my favorite idols to look up to.

18. Tanaka Reina – I like Reina the same amount as Sayu, just putting Sayu first because of seniority. :P It’s hard not to notice Reina because she is almost always in the front. I used to hate her for that but now I have come to like her a lot. Her voice is good & she is really fashionable, I want her clothes!! The only flaws about her is that sometimes she comes across as kinda rude & that I think she needs to gain a little weight. Other than that, I love her, & she is really funny too.

19. Fujimoto Miki – Like Reina, Miki can sometimes come off as rude. Miki never really seemed happy to be in Morning Musume & I haven’t seen her talk with any of the members a lot other than Yossy. I like her voice though, & she is really pretty. Just wish that she would appreciate what she has (or had).

20. Ichii Sayaka – Although she was only in the group for 2 years, I really like Sayaka. Along with Ishiguro Aya & Fukuda Asuka, she is one of the “Forgotten Musumes”. Not much is known about her because of her short time in the group, but I really like her voice & she had a fun personality. I really wish she would have stayed longer.

21. Ishikawa Rika – She has a lot of charisma but I’m not a big fan of her voice. Her “I”M CUTE” act also is really annoying. She is cute, but I wish she didn’t say it every 5 minutes. Her voice has improved but not greatly. Her latest photobooks are really good also so I like it when she gets new ones. Don’t know what else to say. She has been growing on me though.

22. Mitsui Aika – I like Aika but lately she has been really arrogant. She kinda reminds me of Sugaya Risako from Berryz Koubou – never really appreciates things. If she does, she doesn’t show it. Aika is way better at showing it, though. In the memory battle game with Jun Jun on Haromoni@, I don’t know…she just kinda made me mad because Jun Jun was cryin’ & all while she was just like “YAY LOOK AT ME I WON!”. I like her voice & she is cute but I just wish she didn’t come out as mean, for a lack of a better word.

23. Konno Asami – The only thing I noticed about Kon Kon was how smart she was. She is also probably the most sincere & lovable member. I don’t think her voice is outstanding but she has improved greatly since her debut. Other than that, I don’t know what else to say about her.

24. Ishiguro Aya – For her short time in Momusu, Aya was just really funny & had a good voice. I wish she would come back to singing but he seems happy now with her family though, so if she’s happy, I’m happy.

25. Fukuda Asuka – Asuka wasn’t even in Momusu for two years & while in the group, she rarely smiled & always looked bored. She graduated to “focus on her studies” only to drop out of school soon after. Everything about her just screams that she never wanted to be in the group. I did like her voice, it sounded like Nacchi’s. I recall Tsunku saying that she would be the face of Morning Musume instead of Nacchi. Can you imagine that? :P


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