The End of v-u-den

Today is the day. v-u-den is no more as of June 29th, 2008. They are performing their last two concerts today.

I will miss them. I only started listening to them about a month before their disbandment was announced but they were a really great group. Their songs are really enjoyable & Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari is one of my favorite Hello! Project songs. My other favorite songs by them are Koi no Nukegara, Jajauma Paradise, Nanni mo Iwazu ni I Love You & Fantasy. I didn’t really like their image though because since mid-late 2006 they were promoted as “sexy”. I read one time that this unit was supposed to be aimed for women & they were in the early days but then they just became wota-bait which is kinda sad.

Rika is a H!P member who never really kept me interested but I want her to do something else than release 2 photobooks every year. Yui is super adorable but she never really stood out to me. Erika was my favorite of the group, & I really really hope she gets something new to do. I hope everyone will get something new to do, because this was a really great, talented group.

Sayonara, v-u-den.


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