Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance Review

Berryz Koubou’s new single is up on the Hello! Online tracker.

Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Rating – 9.5/10

I still love this song. I may overdid it on saying it’s my favorite Berryz song, but it’s up there. It’s extremely catchy, has a nice PV & is entertaining to listen to. Everyone got lines, which made me happy, except Risako sang half of the song. Again. She did sound good though so it’s OK I guess. Maasa & Chinami had fun lines, Miyabi & Momoko sounded really good in this, but it needs moar Saki & Yurina. I’m surprised to see Yurina shafted like that, it’s not often that Chinami & Maasa get more lines than her, especially on a single. Anyway, an enjoyable song & one of Berryz’s catchiest.

Maji Good Chance Summer

Rating – 8.5/10

A nice, summery song. Only the ~Top 4~ get lines but it’s still an enjoyable song, but Risako sounded kinda bad in this, especially on the part where she is “talking on the phone”. She sounded really nervous – I think speaking parts should be left to people who can speak loudly & have a clear voice. Chinami would have been a better choice. But of course, UFA must cater the wota so we can’t do anything about it. I can tell I will play this a lot though, especially during summer nights, this is a great song to relax to.

Overall Rating – 9/10

I think this is better than their last single – don’t call me crazy. Dschinghis Khan is catchy, but it gets really old after you listen to it 83 times. O_o It’s barely 3 minutes so it’s really short & it doesn’t even have an instrumental break. Darling I Love You is good but I kinda wish that Berryz & C-ute didn’t join on it – just each have their own version with only their voices. Also, both of these songs have the “line hogging problem” so I guess that’s another reason. Anyway, this is a great release from Berryz & I can’t wait for their album!


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