6gatsu no Kajitsu Review

6gatsu no Kajitsu – Suzuki Airi

Released June 20th, 2008

Favorite Picture – Click

Rating – 8/10

The thing I like best about this photobook is that it seems to be telling a story. Sorta. In the beginning, it’s raining so Airi goes into the house and makes a paper airplane. When the rain clears up, she goes outside to fly it, which ends the book. Or something. Maybe I’m the only one who thought of it that way lol. The bikini shots were really kinda weird. She is 14 years old and there are just really creepy shots in here. There is even one picture that focuses on her butt. She looks like wota-bait in all the bikini pictures because she is trying to be sexy. Airi, you are cute and that is all you need to be for now, don’t ruin it please. My favorite outfit is the one where she is wearing that cute little black hat & the dance outfit is really nice too. Airi looks better in this than her last photobook, but that one was better in my opinion. Clear was amazing though, so it’s not like I expected this one to pass it. I just wish this wasn’t so obvious that this is for the wota.


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