This is the Most Amazing Thing Ever.

Maasa at 0:37
Chinami and Maasa at 1:04-1:18
Chinami and Maasa at 1:33 (they are in the back)
Saki and Maasa at 2:25
Maasa at 2:43
Risako forgetting to sing at 3:08
Saki and Miyabi at 3:57
Saki at 4:10
Saki at 4:36
Momoko jumping in the backround because she can’t see the camera.
Momoko’s constant falling. One time when she fell, Maasa and Miyabi helped her back up.
Maasa and Saki at the very end.

Maasa is awesome. That is all.


2 Responses

  1. Only Berryz could pull off a song like this and totally 0wn while they’re at it <3 Saki and Miyabi are the cutest monekys IMO. And Yurina and Risako should seriously get rid of their outfits, they look weird…

  2. Indeed. C-ute’s voices pretty much sound the same (high pitched except for Maimi and Chisato) but Berryz’s is all over the place, which may sound bad, but it’s nice for the songs they get. Most of the songs they have, I can’t imagine anyone else singing them. I agree that Saki and Miyabi are the cutest <3 The monkey suit just makes Yurina looks more like a giant, which she does not need lol. She looks out of place. As for Risako, she kinda looks bigger than usual. Not to bag on her, but she looks like she has really been gaining weight ever since Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba.

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