Gachinko de Ikou! Covers

Above are the covers for Buono!’s 4th single.

Top – Limited

Bottom – Regular

I like the regular cover but the limited one is gross. It would be better without the oversized cards, puke colored backround and the “I”M TIRED OF SMILING” faces on the girls. It’s just gross. The regular one is way better, although still cheap. The backround is the same thing as the one used in their first single, Honto no Jibun (which was recycled from Reina’s first photobook) except it’s blue instead of red. The outfits are cute though, especially Airi’s. Also, I’m surprised Momoko is now center instead of Miyabi, as she has always been on all the past covers. Some people are suspecting this to be “punishment” for her because of that scandal last month. She looks kinda angry on the regular one, like she wants to gtfo as fast as she can.

The single is being released August 20th.


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