Something Strange is Happening to Me…

My preference in certain H!P members has changed quite a lot this month. Some of it even happened in less than a few days. To start off,

Suzuki Airi, who I used to love to no end, is kinda annoying me now. She is still super adorable but there is something about her that is making me feel odd. She used to be number two on my C-ute ranking, but now she is number three. Obviously not a big drop, but I just don’t feel the same way anymore.

The same thing goes for Hagiwara Mai. I don’t hate her but I cannot stand her singing voice, it’s so annoying. It never annoyed me so much before. She is cute and is interesting to watch on TV shows and stuff like that but STOP GIVING HER SINGING LINES. I am glad that she is not a front girl in C-ute anymore, Saki’s voice is way more pleasant to the ears that Mai’s in my opinion.

I am actually starting to feel some hate against Kusumi Koharu, which has never happened to me before. Koharu was once my favorite Morning Musume member, but now she has fallen to last place. Her newest photobook is kinda ticking me off and she is starting to really annoy me when she sings in Morning Musume. I like her when she’s Kirari though, but not as much as before. It seriously just happened. She was number five in my rankings just yesterday morning. I just woke up and figured out I didn’t like her that much anymore.

Michishige Sayumi was one of my least favorite current Morning Musume members, (not because I didn’t like her, I just didn’t really pay attention to her) but she just took Koharu’s spot at number five. This started just this month. Her voice isn’t as bad as Koharu’s, she has lots of stage presence and one of the best personalities and sense of humor Morning Musume or even Hello! Project has to offer. And obviously, she is really cute. This clip is just so sweet and it proves that she can actually sing.

I have a sudden love for Kumai Yurina. Before, I liked her, but I never really noticed her. Now, I really like her. Who can’t love this gentle giant? Her personality is what draws me to her – she seems to be one of the most well-mannered members of Hello! Project from what we can see.

This is the most shocking of all – I am actually liking Sugaya Risako. I never thought the day would come. She is still going to be one of my least favorite H!P members for a while, but I find her looking cute every now and then. She is still a horrible singer, dancer, performer and comedian but for some reason, I like her now! I was just looking at her third photobook and it’s actually pretty good. I am currently writing a post about the H!PK and I had to rewrite almost all of my thoughts on Risako because I just didn’t feel the same way. I seriously just woke up a few days ago and something hit me that said “I don’t hate Sugaya Risako anymore”. She is kinda charming in the “what the hell is she doing”? way.

Is there a proper name for this disease? What is happening to me!?

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  1. It’s strange, but it’s not unheard of. I recently discovered, after a prolonged period of relative indifference toward her, that I actually quite like Kusumi as a solo singer. It just sort of happened, y’know?

  2. Thank you for commenting, it’s been a long time since I got one ^^;

    I like Koharu more as a solo singer too…her voice fits the songs she gets and you kind of forget that she sings bad because no one else would be able to pull off her songs. She puts a lot of personality into every one of them. Though, when she sings in MM, it’s really been annoying me. She ruined Resonant Blue and should just stick to singing normally in MM, like she did pre-Kirarin.

    I’m so glad that some other people are like this too…I for one would have never guessed I would like Risako some day. She used to make me really, really mad. >< It just shocks me how most of this happened overnight O_o

  3. My pleasure! I saw your posts in the H!O Blog Thread, and thought I’d pop by and say hello. Hello! ;)

    Btw, hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added you to my “blogroll” at The J-Pex ( :)

  4. […] Something Strange is Happening to Me… […]

  5. I think it just takes a bit of time to ‘get’ certain people. When you do though your opinion can suddenly change. For me I never used to think that much of Kamei Eri then in the space of a few days a month or two ago everything flipped. Now I think she’s the Morning Musume member whose personality is most my type. The question for me wasn’t ‘why did my opinion change?’ It was more ‘why didn’t I see it sooner?’

    I think the other thing is that you can have too much of something. Sometimes it’s good to take a break. If there’s a H!P member you are really into it’s still good to focus on others in order to keep that person ‘fresh’. A bit like how with relationships you need space. Although with relationships it’s probably not a good idea to focus on others as the “I’m keeping you fresh” argument would only get you a knee somewhere painful. :D

  6. That is a really good explanation. I think I understand what happened to me – I paid too much attention to the three members I am starting to dislike and not enough on the ones I am starting to like.

    At one point, I was falling in love with Suzuki Airi. I even bought one of her photobooks. She is still pretty awesome, but I kinda got lost with her. She was first number six in my rankings, then she jumped to four, then two. Now she is declining…I guess there are some members that can’t keep you entertained for long.

    I used to think Hagiwara Mai was one of the cutest things ever, but when I kept hearing her sing, I just had it. She was never one of my favorites, but I had the need to add her in here for some reason.

    Kusumi Koharu was my first favorite Musume, so I paid much attention to her. I knew her voice was bad but it never really bothered me. I bought Papancake and it arrived at my house yesterday, I played it today, and I just didn’t feel as happy as I did when I first heard the song. The funny thing is, that the song seriously made my ears uncomfortable when I first heard it but I still played it over and over – but now it doesn’t hurt my ears anymore whatsoever. Koharu just isn’t the same with that “why are you doing this to my poor ears?!” feeling, you know?

    Michishige Sayumi was always one of my bottom three Musume’s. When I started paying attention to her personality though, it changed. There is no other person in H!P who has such a good sense of humor. I needed something new.

    Kumai Yurina is one of those “mysterious” girls – not much is known about her as she doesn’t seem to talk much so you want to know about her. She keeps me interested. Plus, she is a beauty and I really love how well-mannered she is. She is someone I want to be like, so I think that’s why I am starting to like her.

    I have no idea why I am liking Sugaya Risako. Sometimes her mistakes can be cute, but I always thought that, so I don’t see why I should start noticing it in a different light -now-.

    I think I understood your post. I got tired of my favorites because nothing was new with them, so I went looking for fresher members. If not, I am aware that I am a complete idiot lol.

    Thank you for commenting ^^ And sorry for how long this is :3 I have no where else to talk about my H!P fandom since I know no real life fans, so blogs are gooddddd for my opinions :3

  7. I seem to be suffering from the same sort of disease :3 But on a slightly larger scale. I’ve all but lost interest in listening to MM at the moment (though when new products to buy come out this will change) and I find myself falling in love with C-ute when I never really liked them before.

    I think the most shocking thing to me is that I’m falling out of love with Berryz Koubou. Don’t get me wrong, I still love most of their songs I just seem to have other songs higher on my priority lists.

    When it comes to individual members;
    Airi doesn’t annoy me anymore. I used to hate her monopolising lines and always being in the spotlight but I think I’ve come to terms with that just being the way it goes sometimes.

    And I recently discovered that I don’t hate Risako anymore… I’m not a huge fan of her singing but she didn’t annoy me in Yuke Yuke and, even though she was rather fail in the battle concert, she didn’t annoy me there either.

    Koharu’s still my favourite Musume, but that’s because my current lack of interest in them doesn’t allow for any revelations to be made. I was REALLY looking forward to PaPancake but I still haven’t listened to it all the way through. I was nowhere near as enthusiastic about it as when I first hear Chance! or Happy.

    I think my overall problem is that I don’t pay attention to their personalities beyond the music videos and concerts. I don’t enjoy watching variety shows so I don’t and therefore don’t get much of situation/reaction perspective of their personality. The thing is I don’t mind when someone suddenly drops of my radar and is replaced by someone else (That sounds so mean :3) because I tend to be very “Oh, they’re so my favourite” when I get into a fandom and the reasons I have are always incredibly flimsy, so when my *actual* favourite comes steaming into to port I find myself wondering why I missed all the signs to begin with.

    But this naivety has set me up for a fail sometimes. (Won’t get into that. Complicated and not relevant).

    Sorry about how long this is. It must be the longest comment I’ve ever made, but your post got me thinking.

  8. This was interesting! This sort of thing happens to me on occasion as well, so don’t get too freaked out about it.

    In contrast to your particular picks here, the reverse has happened to me with Suzuki Airi. I used to just barely tolerate her– she wasn’t a favorite by any means, but recently, she’s absolutely shot up my list of favorites without any proper rhyme or reason.

    But similar to you– I’ve also been liking Kumai Yurina a lot more lately. Again, no particular reason– I just started noticing her more.

    So yeah, don’t feel alone! I’ve been through this before, too!
    And as for this mysterious disease… I propose that we name it… Favoritis switchicus disorder. CLEARLY authentic medical Latin terms right there. :P

  9. I’m glad to know other people are feeling the same ^^ It’s just odd how it can happen so suddenly without an explanation. Also, the members you guys mentioned are some the ones I mentioned – Koharu, Airi, Yurina, Risako. Maybe it means something, haha. Favoritis Switchicus Disorder sounds good for the name~ :P

    Thanks for commenting, both of you ^^

  10. Reply number 6…nope you are not an idiot. I think you just explained what I said better than I did! :D

    I think we all need a break from people sometimes. I love sweet’n’sour chicken but I couldn’t eat it everyday. ;)

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