Koharu Nikki Review

Koharu Nikki – Kusumi Koharu

Released July 25th, 2008

Favorite Pictures – This and This

Rating – 8/10

My thoughts are kinda all over the place on this. There are some nice pictures, but there are others that make me feel odd looking at. For example, this one. There were long discussions on a lot of forums because of this picture. I know Japan is “more open on this kind of stuff”, but that still doesn’t make it right in my mind. I wonder how Koha herself feels about it. You may like this picture and I respect your opinion, but I find it gross for someone who recently turned 16. Plus, she was probably still 15 when she took the picture. Other odd pictures include shots focusing on her butt. Yeah, I really don’t want to see that. The H!P members are my idols, I admire them, and looking at them half naked makes me feel very weird. For the good pictures, I obviously like the ones I said were my favorite pictures. I couldn’t choose just one! My favorite set has to be the ones with the balloons, just too cute! So colorful and Koha herself looks very different, which is nice. The pictures of her in the red dress remind me certain pictures of Suzuki Airi in Clear. Also, Koha should wear glasses all the time, she looks totally cuter in them. I’ve read that she has bad eyesight, so she wears contacts. Why not wear your glasses? Glasses can make almost anyone look even better. Also, her blank stare is creepy, not sexy. She needs to stop using it.

On that “Something is Strange is Happening to Me…” post, I said that I was starting to hate Koharu. That’s not really true…I have felt some hate for her lately, but it’s only temporary…hopefully it will stay like that. She is still making me feel kinda strange. I hope she can jump back soon, because I want to like her. She jumped ahead of Aika now. It happens so sudden with me! For some reason. So right now she is at number eight.


3 Responses

  1. My favorite shots are the ones of her in the library. That’s partially because she looks smart in them, but mainly because that library furniture is almost identical to what we have in our local library, so I can pretend I might actually see her down there browsing through the books one day. :)

  2. AH, I totally forgot to mention the library pictures! Thanks for reminding me. Those are the ones where she wears the glasses, so I like those ^^ She also looks super adorable in braids, it makes her look like a normal girl. The outfit also makes her look like she just got out of school ^^

  3. For me the sexy pictures don’t really bother me. I just think ‘wow’. At the same time I can’t say I actually see them as being sleazy. Mainly because this is Koharu. The cute and energetic one. As I have a preconceived idea of her personality that stops me from seeing her as being any kind of sex object (or any other object for that matter). At the same time I could see how if somebody online – who didn’t even know who Morning Musume were – stumbled on that pic they could have a very different interpretation.

    I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. I love all the Musume and so I respect them. I would never see them as sex objects even if one or two are sexy (like for me Reina is perfection as she’s sexy but with so much personality that the sexiness is in no way the biggest thing about her. There’s far more to her than just being sexy). I don’t know. You can’t control what others think. Who knows what the average wota thinks when they see these pics.

    The most important thing of all is the girls happiness. If Koharu was happy to do the pics then that’s okay with me. I’d hope none of the H!P members ever have to do pics that make them uncomfortable. I do wonder sometimes with some of the younger ones though. How mature are they to stand up for themselves? Would C-ute members have family present and so on?

    It’s a different culture as well though. Seeing things from a western perspective might be wrong. The thing is I know lots of girls when I was at school who were doing all kinds of things they shouldn’t have been. Sleeping around, smoking, drinking and so on. Having babies when they were still at school. Japan doesn’t have that kind of problem (well certainly not to the same degree). I’d swap all the problems my country has with under-aged violence, sex, drugs and so on for a society where Koharu dresses like that but people mainly have some manners.

    Okay sorry I’m talking too much. My final thought on the pics is that at least she looks in control. If she was dressed in an adult way but photographed in a way where she was in some way meek and subservient I’d see more of a problem in it. In these pics she looks like she could kick my backside to the Moon. At least she looks strong. I respect your opinion on them though. I don’t have a problem with the pics because I just think ‘wow she’s growing up’. But I can see how people could think they are distasteful. Maybe you are thinking more of what others are thinking whereas I’m just thinking about how I feel. I’d just hope that most people looking at these pics are fans anyway and so have some respect in their thoughts.

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