Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ Review

Morning Musume’s newest concert is now up on the tracker.

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~

Here are my thoughts on the concert! (image heavy) This is a “write as I watch” review, so my thoughts are pretty much scattered. And weird.

01. Opening

02. Resonant Blue

Performance – 9.5/10

The concert starts off with their newest single, Resonant Blue. I truly love this song, it’s easily one of my favorite Hello! Project songs so I was naturally excited to hear this. Practically everyone did great. Ai-chan and Reina were at the top of their game, and GakiKame sounded good together. The dancing was also really good and I actually really like the outfits unlike most people. I am an absolute sucker for the black and white color combination. My only complaint is that some parts were lip synced – by some, I mean most of Risa’s parts, Sayumi’s “hai”s and all the “ah”s and “ooh”s. This song was fairly new when it was performed it though, so it’s OK I guess. Also, Koharu is using her Kirarin voice again. Ugh. The is not Kirarin Revolution, Koharu, this is Morning Musume. Why can’t you sing normally? Like you did back in 2006?

03. Onna ni Sachi Are

Performance – 8.5/10

At the beginning, Koharu has the scariest looking grin on her face when she is holding the microphone out to the audience. I tried to get a screen shot of it but she wouldn’t stop moving. Anyway, the song. I remember when it first came out. It was the first Morning Musume single I really followed, as in waiting for the PV to come out and loving the outfits and stuff like that. This is a good performance, but the song was cut. Aghhhhhhhh! At least the awesome instrumental break is in there, which is one of the best parts of the song. Ai-chan’s vocals were strong as usual, and Jun Jun and Lin Lin sounded really good in their solos. Many people complain that Lin Lin doesn’t use her “real voice”, but I think she did here, as she sounded almost exactly like Jun Jun. If I wasn’t watching the video, I wouldn’t even knew that it was Lin Lin singing. Eri’s solo was kind of weak – she sounded a bit manly already and they only performed a song and a half. The best thing about the performance was probably the dance.

04. VTR – Member Introduction

This was pretty cool. I basically just consisted of little boxes flying around, but it was still totally awesome. Also, I love the outfits that the girls are wearing and their poses are so cute!

05. MC1

06. Egao Yes Nude

Performance – 9.5/10

Eri’s “YES” at the beginning was so hot. Ai-chan’s vocals were so hot. The dancing was so hot. Risa looked so hot. I’m a girl and even I’m saying this. May I also say that this song is hot. It was the first Morning Musume song I have ever heard~ This is my first time seeing a live without Yossy and Miki but instead with Jun Jun and Lin Lin. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they took over their lines? But instead, Eri got Yossy’s lines and Reina got Miki’s lines. Which isn’t bad, but JunLin leading a single, awesome! It will happen someday, hopefully. I really like the costumes, and Risa defiantly looked the best in them. Hot hot hot. Not hot – Koharu is using her Kirarin voice again. She probably will be for the whole concert. AGH they cut the song again. Ai-chan touches her face way too much. Anyway. After I have finished this whole thing, this is defiantly the hottest performance of the concert.

07. Iroppoi Jirettai

Performance – 8/10

Another “sexy” song, but this one is less subtle, as the word sexy is actually in the title (iroppoi). The song is good, but compared to their other singles, it doesn’t really stand out much. It’s just…there. The dance is fierce though. Risa has such an amazing voice here, I wish she was a lead! Another cut song! Yay. The instrumental break for this song is so amazing, and the members are perfect at dancing for it but sometimes it looks like their outfits are going to eat them alive. They left in the part after the instrumental break, YES, that’s my favorite part of the song. Sayumi and Koharu made me go WTF. Their voices are not made for this song. Where are the JunLin solos!? Like Onna ni Sachi Are, the dance is the best part. Every member did well on the dance, and the costumes really seemed to match the song. A nice performance.

08. Osaka Koi no Uta

Performance – 8/10

I wonder who gets Miki and Rika’s solos. Aika got Yossy’s speaking part, and my, her voice is more deep than it usually is. She sounds like a mix of Iida Kaori and Yasuda Kei’s voices when she spoke. Eri is getting Rika’s solos! I kinda wish Risa did though. Reina got Miki’s solos. *SHOKKU* Even though Ai-chan got the most singing time, Risa sounded better. Risa is really at the top of her game in live performances! I didn’t even reconize Eri’s voice on her last solo, she sounded so different! Overall a nice performance, but it needs more Risa and JunLin.

09. MC2

10. Kanashimi Twilight

Performance – 8.5/10

The singing on this was fantastic. Koharu and Ai-chan’s voices blend really well. The dancing was also really good. Ai-chan got the epic Yossy solo and she sounded amazing! She seriously looked like she was going to cry in the end. The song isn’t even that sad lol. Another one of those “I loved you but now I don’t!1!!!11” songs (or something like that), but instead of a ballad, it is extremely fierce, so don’t be crying. Anyway, this was good, Ai-chan was defiantly the winner. Doesn’t she just look so insanely fierce in the screenshot? There’s not much else to say. It would have been better if they played the full song.

11. Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan

Performance – 9.5/10

A lot of people seem to hate this song for some reason. It’s not a favorite of mine but it’s not bad at all and it’s a real spirit-lifter. Risa is simply getting better and better in this concert, so far she is tied with Ai-chan for my favorite performer in this. I really felt the energy in this! Every girl was into it and the crowd seemed into it too. One of my favorite performances so far.

12. Roman ~My Dear Boy~

Performance – 10/10

This is the first time I have ever seen this song performed live with the current members, and let me say that I am overly excited. At the beginning, Ai-chan was touching her face (again) and she looked extremely sweaty. It was kinda gross. Anyway, let’s play Guess Who Gets Miki and Rika’s Lines again! Starting off the song, Ai-chan gets Yossy’s HEY LET’S HAVE A DANCE, MY DEAR. She sounded like a man. Risa’s “come on” was hot. WHY IS SHE NOT A LEAD SINGER. WAIT RISA GOT MIKI’S LINES!! Wishes do come true!! I thought they would be given to Eri. Reina got Rika’s lines, but anyone could have guessed that. RISA~ The performance is now automatically awesome and you know it.

13. Do It! Now – Takahashi Ai

Performance – 9/10

When I first saw this on the setlist, the word “epic” came to mind. Do It! Now is easily one of Morning Musume’s best songs and Ai-chan is easily one of the best singers and dancers Morning Musume ever had. Wow, she gets really sweaty in concerts. She also sounds a bit tired, but that’s only natural. Then all of a sudden comes the rest of Morning Musume and they start doing the rap thing, quite awesomely, may I add. They were holding their microphones strange. I feel that this is more of a group song rather than a solo song though. Nevertheless, this was really good.

14. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~

Performance – 9.5/10

This started right after Do It! Now, no second to spare. I wonder if the girls actually get time to rest. Risa sounded so epic in her solo line. Ai-chan was SO HOT when she first showed up omg. I know I am taking so many screenshots of her but she is just too awesome!! She gets like all the solos in this instead of it being divided into 3 parts. I wish that it was into three parts though. The other 2 girls that would be good at it is Risa and uh…either Reina or Eri. After that kiss she blew to the camera at the end, I have concluded that Ai-chan is absolutely and completely amazing in every way possible. That is all.

15. Furusato – Michishige Sayumi

Performance – 10/10

About time, there has been a serious lack of Sayu in the concert so far. The instrumental has been slowed down. All I can say is wow. Sayu is known to not be a very good singer, but this blew me away. She was amazing when she held on to that really long note. She did fantastic. As you may know, Sayumi has really been growing on my lately and this just made me love her even more.

16. Namida ga Tomaranai Houkago – Kamei Eri

Performance – 9.5/10

The instrumental is almost the same one for Furusato. I’m really happy for an Eri solo, but I wish she would have gotten a better song. This is not a bad song, but like Iroppoi Jirettai, it doesn’t stand out when compared to their other singles. She was seriously amazing though, so all is forgiven. Slow songs fit Eri’s voice best. The song was originally on the slower side but now it’s even slower, so imagine how great she sounds!

17. Memory Seishun no Hikari – Tanaka Reina

Performance – 9.5/10

The instrumentals of the last three songs blend really well together, I actually think that they all sound better when they are slower. Anyway, this song fits Reina’s voice so well. I believe she has performed in live quite a lot and has even recorded it for a fanclub CD back in 2004. I guess you can call it “her song”. She sounded really good and some people don’t give her enough credit for her voice. It is not the best, but she CAN sing. She looked like she was going to cry at the end. Anyway, this was really good! Reina has been growing on me a bit too, despite what I am going to say later.

18. Manatsu no Kousen – Niigaki Risa with Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina

Performance – 10/10

Oh yes. I really love this song and I am not afraid to say it’s one of my favorite H!P songs. A lot of people seem to dislike it for some reason. Seriously, it’s amazing. And having Risa singing lead just makes it even more amazing. I always thought that this song fits her voice well and it does. She has such a lovely and smoothing voice. The other four just danced along and sang the backround parts. It’s not often you see Risa take over Ai-chan or Reina in a performance!! Anyway, easily one of the best performances so far!

19. As For One Day

Performance – 9.5/10

Sayumi gets the Aibon speaking part! It sounded a bit odd though. Eri gets Rika’s lines once again. Risa gets Mari’s singing parts!! Sorry for fangirling but more Risa is always a good thing. Since my number one favorite Jun Jun has never gotten attention in the concert so far, I need to fangirl about someone. Risa happens to be my second favorite! JUN JUN SOLO! LIN LIN SOLO! I think I just jinxed it in a good way. Finally some JunLin attention! This is awesome. They are really great singers from what we have heard so far from their entire time in Morning Musume. Eri did really well with the final line.

20. Summer Night Town

Performance – 9/10

I haven’t seen this performed live I think, at least not with this lineup. Koharu and Jun Jun at the beginning was cool. Aika and Lin Lin sounded really odd. Watch the PV for this song, you can tell they made minor changes to the dance. lol. It was so simple back then, all the had to do was sway back and forth. Risa looked so hot when she sang her solo. She kind of reminds me of Nakazawa Yuuko. Their voices both have that soothing and unique feel and they just seem to go well together. A GakiYuuko unit would be awesome. Anyway, this was a good performance although I don’t think Reina’s cutesy voice really fits the song enough to be lead. She did well with what she had though.

21. MC3

22. Morning Musume no Hyokkori Hyoutanjima – Kusumi Koharu, Mitsui Aika, Jun Jun and Lin Lin

Performance – 9/10

I actually really like this song. When I heard that JunLin were in it, it really made me want to see this. Koharu should never speak English again. Although it was kind of cute. Koharu is that kind of person who is annoying but can be cute too, which confuses me. I don’t know what to think about her anymore. Also I am glad that Aika and Koharu aren’t the only ones to get lines. JUNLIN <3 Lin Lin’s facial expressions are one of the best things to ever grace Morning Musume. I really like the outfits, they are super adorable and they fit the song well. The only complaint is that the voices don’t blend together. Koharu and Aika sound like rainbow-colored puke and JunLin sound like…real singers. The parts where all four of them sing sound kinda odd.

23. Morning Coffee – Takahashi Ai, Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina

Performance – 7.5/10

Let me start off by saying that Sayumi and Reina should NEVER sing this song again. Their voices do not work for this. I like them, but they totally butchered this. Reina’s weird gestures and random expressions did not help either. Even though there was not much Risa, she did the best. I swear I am not biased. Ai-chan and Eri did better than Sayumi and Reina, but they didn’t sound as good as usual. This is the worst performance of the concert in my opinion.

24. Medley | Daite Hold On Me! – Chokkan 2 ~Nogashita Sakana wo Ookiizo!~- Sexy Boy ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~ – Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari – Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~

Performance – 8/10

I really hate medleys. I’m not so mad about the first three songs, but I really wish that the other two were performed in full version. Joshi full version with the current lineup would be epic. And I just really like Go Girl. For the “rap” thing in Hold on Me!, Eri, Reina and Sayumi should never do that again. It just does. not. work. Eri should never sing any part of this song ever again for that matter. Her AHHHHHHHHH was painful. No comment on Chokkan 2. It’s not a bad song, but it’s my least favorite Morning Musume single. Chokkan 2 and Sexy Boy really sound good mixed together. Man, all that Reina can do is inhale helium and wink and flash peace signs everywhere. It’s not cute. It’s just annoying. Joshi was really weird. The only one who got a verse was Takahashi. Go Girl was longer than I expected, and is the best song performed in the medley.

25. MC4

26. The Manpower!!!

Performance – 9/10

This song is so weird, it’s awesome. Risa did a really good job on taking over Yossy’s lines and Ai-chan was brilliant as usual. Risa totally turns me into a fangirl~ Holy CRAP, Ai-chan’s last line was so ODD. She sounded like she was dying. O_o This is awesome purely for the fact that Ai-chan and Risa sound amazing. Nothing else is really spectacular about it. The dancing was a bit weak.

27. Shabondama

Performance – 9/10

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. What I like about it most is that it’s different that most Morning Musume songs. I think Ai-chan takes this stuff so seriously, she always has such the oddest look on her face when she is releasing her fierceness. And Reina sounded weird, although she wasn’t using her high-pitched voice, so I approve. Eri gets the Rika speaking part. I am really trying to like Koharu as much as I did before, but she deserves to be shot for that solo line. That was HORRIBLE. Ai-chan was going fierce on us again with her last solo. Reina like shouted her last solo. Anyway, it was good.

28. MC5

29. Medley | I Wish – Happy Summer Wedding – Koi no Dance Site – Souda! We’re Alive – The Peace! – Renai Revolution 21

Performance – 9/10

Of course. They put the songs Morning Musume are best known for and the songs that are simply the best into a medley. I am mostly ashamed at I Wish and Renai Revolution 21 being there though. Renai is simply a really good song for a concert and I Wish is just my favorite H!P song lol. Eh I should know by now that H!P is disappointing when it comes to what I want lol. WHY DO YOU GIVE MAKI’S LINES TO KOHARU. WHY. PLEASE DO NOT RUIN MY FAVORITE SONG. I DO like her but she does not deserve a lead in this song. LIN LIN SOLO! JUN JUN SOLO! My excitement is back lol. Lin Lin sounds so amazing! They need to let her sing more. Jun Jun is really good also, but I just think Lin Lin is stronger. Happy Summer Wedding. A lot of people hate this song, but once again, I love it. It’s one of my favorite MM songs. I guess I just have weird taste. Jun Jun’s “HO HO HO” made me lol. Koi no Dance Site. Lin Lin’s meowing was cute. As much as I like you Eri, you’re “SEXY BIIMU” was a complete failure. Mari should just come up randomly on the stage whenever this song is performed, say her line, then leave while everyone else is looking confused. Souda! We’re Alive. I love this song, I always listen to it when I am down, it’s a real spirit lifter. Jun Jun got a line! Where are you Lin Lin. If she got a line, I didn’t notice. O_o Risa sounded almost as fierce as Maki did in the original recording in that one solo. The Peace!. They just walked behind some thing and magically changed outfits. Odd. Aika is finally getting some more love in this medley, in the beginning of the concert, I thought she wasn’t there because she was barely seen. I have never wanted to kick Reina off of the stage so much before. And I actually like her. She’s just really annoying here. Koharu gets Rika’s speaking part, and she actually did well with it. Renai Revolution 21. Reina should never get a lead in this song again. There isn’t really anything to say about this. I Wish was the best performance here.

30. MC6

31. Koko ni Iruzee!

Performance – 9/10

Yay~ Risa’s first solo was so cute~ But why are you giving Reina a lead again. I don’t even know what to think about her anymore. Aika sounded really good in her solo line. Whatever Sayumi did before the instrumental break ended was awesome. Risa’s HEY and Ai-chan’s BREAK THROUGH were fierce. Anyway, this performance was really good and everyone was into it. The only thing that could be done to make it better is giving JunLin solos.

32. Mikan

Performance – 8.5/10

Let’s give it up for Morning Musume’s lowest selling single! This song defiantly deserved more sales. It’s such a great song and it’s even more great to listen to if you need to be cheered up. Ai-chan was really good in her big solo. Not much to say except that someone needs to shove a peace sign in Reina’s eyes, see how she likes it.

33. Aruiteru

Performance – 8/10

This song is hated by many. It’s not one of my favorites but I don’t hate it. Sayumi got Miki’s lines! Unexpected. Koharu should be shot (for the second time) for that first solo. Reina looked really bored sometimes. The performance wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything special.

34. MC7

35. Ai Araba It’s All Right

Performance – 9/10

The shirts for this are so cute. The thing on the back of their shorts/skirts made me go WTF though. JunLin solos! Lin Lin never ceases to amaze me. Doesn’t Risa look so cute in the screenshot? It’s almost like her eyes are going to pop out of her head. Anyway, I can’t really say anything about the performance, but I liked it a lot.

36. Love Machine

Performance – 9/10

I knew they wold have this song at the end. Reina and Aika are fierce when they sing NICE BODY BODY BODY. Reina and Koharu should go fall down a well for those solos. The Love Love Love Machine/Station/Factory parts sounded weird. So did Aika’s LOVE MASHIN. Anyway! This was really good, although it could have been better, as this is ~Love Machine~ after all. It was a nice song to end the concert with though.

Overall – 9.5/10

The winner in this concert is defiantly Niigaki Risa. She was just brilliant in every single way. Ai-chan comes in a close second. The reason Risa is placed above is that she had a lot more energy than Ai-chan, who was sweating like crazy and seemed tired. You can’t blame her though! Eri, Sayumi, Aika and JunLin have improved. No comment on Reina and Koharu.


Here are some screenshots I took from the Member Introduction.


9 Responses

  1. Hmm…I agree with several things you have to say here, but first and foremost among them is the fact that Risa really brought her “A” game during this concert. She was outscreaming and outgrowling Aichan and I can think of no one more suited to taking over Yossy’s lines in that song.

    My two main disagreements would be:

    1 – “Aichan touching her face too much” This is impossible. She can never do that too much. It’s muy muy sekushi. Especially when/if there’s a hat involved.

    2 – Koharu is the perfect person to take over Mari’s introduction to Hyokkori Hyoutanjima. Mari was fully of energy, and so is Koharu. And really, if you think about it, since the song was originally the theme to a children’s cartoon show, who better than the big goofy kid to introduce it?

  2. Yep~ I’ve always liked Risa., she’s such a great performer and I hope she’ll become one of MM leads soon.

    About Ai-chan touching her face…it is sexy in a way, but I don’t think it is when you do it over and over and over again. Especially every 5 seconds. lol.

    Koharu was the best choice, but it’s just…not the same. I don’t know. It wasn’t horrible, but some things are just not the same without the older generations and most of Mari’s parts are one of them. Sexy Beam, Love Mashin, Hyokkori etc. I’m trying to say that compared to Mari, it wasn’t that good. I know I shouldn’t be comparing as they are two different people, but this is me, I am biased, especially because I love me some Yagoochi. :P

  3. I want the dvd but I’m waiting for an overseas version as they are usually a lot cheaper then the Japanese version. I kind of already know that I’m going to be slightly disappointed because about a month ago when I saw the setlist I saw that some of my absolute favourite songs have been medleyised. Souda, The Peace!, Renai Revolution 21 and Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari. At the same time I’m sure there’s lots to love. From the screencaps I’m starting to salivate. :D

  4. Oh, Mari’s one of my favorites as well. As for the Sexy Beam…I like Eri, and she can be sexy when she wants to be with her sly smile she has, but I remember another performance of the song where Risa got the Sexy Beam attack. And she should, because she totally is. I was disappointed that she didn’t get it this time around…

    @Morningtime: I thought the medleys were done well for the most part, though I wish they would have crammed the songs I didn’t know as well into the medley and left the popular ones alone. The only really stupid move was having a song about a lot of noisy girls (Joshi) being sung by only one girl. Seriously, that defeats the whole purpose of the song. Wtf?!? *confused*

  5. A Risa sexy beam? Never seen that one before…always thought Eri had it. :O

    The Joshi thing confused me too. I think at every concert, they picked a random girl to sing a verse, hence the slot machine-type thing. Since Ai is the member who represents the current Morning Musume the most and because she is the leader, they just HAD to choose her verse. And I really wish they didn’t put I Wish into there either. That song always gets jammed into a medley T_T

  6. Risa performed the sexy beam attack during the “Morning Musume Tanjou 10nen Kinentai Concert Tour 2007 Natsu ~Thank You My Dearest~” concert. She’s the first person I saw perform the move besides Mari, and she does it pretty well, in my opinion. :)

    I can’t seem to find it on YouTube or Veoh at the moment, sadly, but they do mention it on H!O in Risa’s Official Member thread. Here’s a link to the page in question:

  7. […] Musume’s 2008 Spring Concert ~Single Daizenshuu~ the Epic: Part I (Kameipuru☆Syrup) Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu!!~ Review […]

  8. Hey, thanks a lot for providing the link. I wouldn’t know about this concert if I haven’t visit your blog. (Dang!)

    Anyway, from what you’d written, the concert sounded great. There were lots of my favourite Morning Musume song in the concert. I’ll download it from the link you provided and maybe I’ll make my own review. Hope you didn’t mind that. (^o^)

  9. You’re welcome ^^

    Looking forward to the review of you write one, I check your blog often and I love to read concert reviews ^^

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