Like Really?

I was looking at the Wotaku Now! blog and there was an entry posted about this site that shows your most commonly used words in your blog.

Here are my most common used words on my blog –

Sorry for it being small, I had to resize it so it didn’t get cut off.

Do I really say “really” that much? And “song”? I thought “like” would be bigger lol. I am proud to see Risa’s name large, and if my eyes are working correctly, her name is the largest along with Reina’s. I never knew I talked about Reina that much. O_o Ai-chan’s name is also pretty big. I don’t see any of the Berryz members or Cute members names on there at all. Notice how many “Jun” and “Lin”s there are. They are counted as different words even if one letter in capitalized or not, how odd. Speaking of which, I may be blind but I don’t see the word “odd” on the image, which is odd because I use that word in like every post and sometimes every sentence. Wait, I just found it! It’s under the “P” in “Performance”, WHY IS IT SO SMALL. I thought “anyway” and “though” would be bigger. Also, “fierce” and “epic” are really small, which disappoints me. This image shows I need to improve my vocabulary.

You can make your own here. Have fun!


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