Gachinko de Ikou! PV

The PV for Buono!’s fourth single is out now.

Dohhh UP!


I really like it! The song isn’t really “rockish”, it’s more of a mellow form of rock I guess, but the PV and song go good together. The PV actually makes me feel a bit nostalgic. You know, like the how completely white it is. The part where they were playing cards was really cute. The band was a nice touch. Also, this is my favorite Buono! single now, beating Renai Rider, and possibly one of my favorite Buono! songs.

At the part where they are throwing darts, here are the things on which they could land on, translated by Dragon88 at JPM.

Exercise Machine
Green Tea
Electric Bicycle
Golf Clubs
Balance Ball
Trip to Hawaii

Momoko’s dart landed on pajamas, Miyabi’s dart landed on balance ball and Airi’s dart landed on golf clubs. XD

One thing I noticed is how Miyabi looks so much older, almost like a woman and she’s not even 16 yet. She looks older than the other two girls, and I think it’s because of her hair color and smile. Her hair color just makes her look older for some reason (compare her now to what she looked like in Renai Rider, when she still had black hair, she looks MUCH older now) and it looks like it’s hard for her to smile. Momoko and Airi have childish smiles and Miyabi doesn’t, it actually looks kinda forced at times. I don’t know. She just looks like she wants to gtfo in various parts of the PV.

Remember in that one post how I said that Airi was getting on my nerves? She didn’t at all here. For some reason, she annoys me a bit in C-ute but I love her in Buono!. It’s odd.

These are now officially my favorite Buono! costumes, they are all so cute and Airi’s would have to be my favorite. It might even be one of my favorite H!P costumes ever, it’s so cute! It fits her so well.

Another thing that pleases me is that the dance looks fairly easy. Which I hope it is. Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! looks like an easy dance, but I tried it, and it’s harder than I thought. I seriously hurt my legs for about a week from jumping to much. O_o That’s not going to stop me though! lol.

The single is being released August 20th.


2 Responses

  1. This is now my favorite Buono! single and I agree with you on how Miyabi looks older in this video. I really love her hair it kind of sets her apart from the others. The video is really cute, although i didn’t understand the point of watching momoko slap a bug on her leg and then scratching it. I was wondering what was on the dart wheel. I really can’t stop listening to this song.

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