Buono!, C-ute and Abe Natsumi Covers

The covers for Buono!’s Single V, C-ute’s Single V and Abe Natsumi’s DVD have been released –

The Buono! cover is actually really cute, I like the idea of it. It’s wayyyyyyy better than the limited cover. Though, once again, Miyabi looks uninterested or like it’s hard for her to smile. She’s been like this on all three covers for the single and even in parts of the PV. I think she’s just mad at not being the center anymore. :P

There isn’t really much to say about the C-ute Single V, we’ve all seen that picture before. They just edited the backround.

The Nacchi DVD cover is also really cute, and I just love the title! Nacchi just turned 27 but she looks so young. She actually kinda looks a bit like Arihara Kanna in this picture.

Here are the contents of the DVD.

2.Nacci’s Vlog
3.Shooting of “End of Summer”
4.About “Natsumi Abe”


The C-ute Single V is being released August 27th and the other items are both being released on September 3rd.


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