5 (Five) Tracklisting

Below is the confirmed tracklist for Berryz Koubou’s 5th album.

1. HAPPY! Stand Up
2. Kono Yubi Tomare / Momoko, Chinami, Maasa
3. Baka ni Shinai de / Shimizu, Miyabi, Yurina, Risako
4. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance
5. Ah Merry- go-round / Shimizu, Momoko
6. CLAP! / Chinami, Miyabi, Yurina
7. REAL LOVE / Sugaya Risako
8. Yume o Ichi Tsubu ~Berryz Kobo Ending Theme~ / Berryz Kamen
9. Jingisukan
10. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
11. BE
12. Special Generation ~ Eccentric Remix


First of all, WHAT IS THIS. I normally like shuffle songs but the album is basically filled with them. Everyone gets 2 shuffle songs, except for Maasa. Some people on other forums are saying that the Berryz Kamen song could be a Maasa solo, like that Erika song we got from C-ute’s latest album.The rest of the Berryz members would be backround singers. When C-ute’s tracklist came out, the thing just said “Tension Ageko” and everyone was confused. What if “Berryz Kamen” is Maasa? Since she was the leader of the Kamens’ in their last concert. But who knows? BUT THAT WOULD BE INCREDIBLY AMAZING AND I TOTALLY HOPE SO.

There is only 2 new group songs (not counting the Kamen song since we don’t know yet). Happy! Stand Up sounds really cheesy. BE sounds like a ripoff of BE Positive! from Morning Musume’s latest album. It’s even got the same tracklist number (11).

I am looking forward to the Momoko, Chinami and Momoko song. I would prefer it just to be Momoko and Maasa though, as much as I love Chinami. I just think their voices go well together. The Saki, Miyabi, Yurina and Risako song doesn’t sound that interesting. The Saki and Momoko song looks like WIN, since I think their voices go really well together. The title is kind of cheesy though. CLAP! looks good, anything with Miyabi should be pleasant sounding. And I’m glad Yurina is there too, for some reason, I think the title fits her. Same with Chinami. Do we really need a new Risako solo? We already got one on that mini album 2 years ago. She has improved though. Hopefully she won’t butcher this. It needs to be like that song she had with Momoko on the last album or like Tsukiatteru, since she sounds really good in those kinda songs.

Special Generation is so overated and I don’t even want to listen to it (unless it’s a new recorded version. Or if Maasa, Saki and Chinami get leads…I can dream, right?).

The album is being released September 10th.


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