New Berryz Koubou Artist Pictures

The Berryz Koubou pictures on the official Hello! Project website have been updated.

I have mixed feelings on this. The outfits look kinda cheap, the material, I mean. But Chinami, Yurina and Risako’s outfits are my favorites. Chinami and Yurina look so radiant. I think Risako would look better if her hair was actually not curly for once, but she still looks good. I LOVE Maasa’s hair but the outfit is kinda bleh. Purple and yellow don’t really match. I like the ribbon thing and the belt though. Saki, Momoko and Miyabi….uh. Poor Captain looks like an old lady. Momoko just looks extremely plain and Miyabi really needs to learn how to smile. Her dress is pretty ugly too, but I like her hair.


One Response

  1. Saki has always reminded me of a schoolteacher or lawyer.

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