2009 Calendar Covers

The covers for the 2009 calendars have surfaced.

Morning Musume

Berryz Koubou


Abe Natsumi

Matsuura Aya

I LOVE the Morning Musume one and it’s the one I will be getting. The Berryz one is also good, but they should have made the text less noticeable and not use such a bright color for the background. Why does Risako always get unflattering hairstyles. Also, once again Miyabi has been pushed all the way to the left. It’s kinda weird why she is not in the front anymore, you kinda get used to it. There are no words that can describe how HORRIBLE C-ute looks. What is up with the outfits? Nacchi kinda looks like a man, don’t really like the cover. I like Aya’s, simple but beautiful.

The calendars are being released on September 25th.


3 Responses

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  2. Hiii, this is my first comment here. ^_^ I must agree with you on the C-ute calendar. It’s horrible. I hope the rest of it isn’t that bad. As for the Berryz Koubou calendar, you’re right. It’s weird not seeing Miyabi next to Momoko and Risako. Morning Musume’s calendar looks great, but I’m a little upset that they didnt put Risa next to Ai. I mean come on, they’re leader and subleader, but its the damn popularity thing. I dont know if you like Koharu or not, but I dont think she should be in the front. *sigh* I want to see more TakaGaki.

  3. Thanks for commenting! ^^ I personally think the C-ute cover is bad mostly because it was poorly executed. Like, the idea is nice, but the outcome is not. >< And I actually feel a bit sorry for Miya lol. It always seems to suck to be in the back row. And I agree that the order of popularity thing is stupid. I’d really like to see Gaki as a front girl. I like Koharu but I really don’t think she should be a lead singer. She’s just not good enough. TakaGaki <3 I can’t wait to see the Cinderella musical~

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