5 (Five) Review

Berryz Koubou’s new album has been leaked!

Here are my thoughts on the songs! For singles, I will only give rankings.

01. Happy! Stand Up

Rating – 10/10

Super catchy! It is a bit repetitive, but it works with this song. Super amazing. Saki, Maasa and Risako sound great! I can see this being a great concert and dance song song.

02. Kono Yubi Tomare! – Momoko, Chinami and Maasa

Rating – 9.5/10

Really nice song. I love Maasa’s vocals, she’s so great!! She has really improved. Momoko and Chinami also sound awesome, of course. The song sounds a bit weak at the beginning, but the chorus is amazing. So catchy! It has a very “cheery” vibe, if that’s the right word. Perfect to listen to if you’re feeling down.

03. Baka ni Shinai de – Saki, Miyabi, Yurina and Risako

Rating – 9.5/10

This song is seriously a rip off of Sayonara Hageshiki Koi from their last album, but I still love it! Its gives a really suspenseful vibe. The intro and the chorus are my favorite parts. Also, this is the best I have ever heard Yurina sing on a recorded song. She usually sounds a bit unstable, but I thought she did a great job here. I’ve really been starting to like her a lot more lately. The only bad thing is that Risako’s vocals were a bit shaky.

04. Yuke Yuke Monkey Dance

Rating – 9.5/10

05. Ah Merry-Go-Round – Saki and Momoko

Rating – 10/10

Whoa. This sounds nothing like a Berryz Koubou song or maybe even an Hello! Project song. It begins with a spoken part by Momoko and then gains an R&B rhythm and I think they are even singing harmonies, which is rare in H!P nowadays. I LOVE it!! Amazing! Also, these two girls are probably the most talented singers in Berryz, so this is just awesome! Saki sounded better than usual, if that’s even possible, and Momoko used her good voice. It’s my favorite song off the album.

06. Clap! – Chinami, Miyabi and Yurina

Rating – 8.5/10

I was really excited for this song, but it’s a bit of a letdown. Sounds a bit generic. Not bad, but nothing really stands out about it except that it has a lot of shouting parts. Yurina sounded a bit odd.

07. Real Love – Risako

Rating – 9.5/10

This sounds like it was originally a Goto Maki song. But holy crap, Risako! She actually sounds great! Seriously, even if you don’t like her at all, give this song a chance. She needs more songs like this! She is not shaky at all. She sounds a bit odd in the speaking part in the middle though, but it really doesn’t bring the quality down. The chorus is the best part of the song. I never thought I would give this such a high ranking. O_o

08. Yume wo Hitotsubu ~Berryz Kamen Ending Theme~

Rating – 10/10

Ah, this song is so short! Only a little bit longer than two and a half minutes. It has a really mysterious theme to it though, sounds like something that is originally good but then turned evil. Or something. I can’t explain it well. Also, Maasa is the only one to get solo lines! There aren’t that many, but still. She was the only member not to be in a second shuffle song, so this /almost/ makes up for it. A great song, and Maasa sounded really great! Someone of the forums said that this sounds like a “Hamasaki Ayumi interlude brought to life”, and I totally agree! It reminds me of Marionette. Behind Ah Merry-Go-Round for my favorite song on the album.

09. Dschinghis Khan

Rating – 9/10

10. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi

Rating – 10/10

11. Be

Rating – 10/10

This sounds like a really sappy but AMAZING ballad. It has a really heavenly vibe to it, I can see myself listening to it when I’m about to fall asleep. It’s extremely soothing. But there are really creepy parts in the song where it sounds like little kids are singing along with the girls. O_o Also, it’s really long, almost six minutes. It also sounds like it could be a Morning Musume song. Still love it nevertheless. It’s been awhile since Berryz has had a really great ballad.

12. Special Generation (Eccentric Remix)

Rating – 7/10

This was the first preview to come from the album, and at first, I HATED it. I don’t hate it now, but it’s defiantly my least favorite song on the album. They should have re-recorded the vocals, it sounds so odd. It just doesn’t fit on the album. I like the very end of the song though, where you can hear Risako’s “Special Generation Love” with no music, it sounds kinda awesome.

Overall Rating – 10/10

My ranking of the new songs

01. Ah Merry-Go-Round

02. Yume wo Hitotsubu ~Berryz Kamen Ending Theme~

03. Happy! Stand Up

04. Be

05. Kono Yubi Tomare!

06. Baka ni Shinai de

07. Real Love

08. Clap!

09. Special Generation (Eccentric Remix)

I had a really hard time choosing though, especially for rankings 3-7. The only songs that aren’t really spectacular are Clap! and the Special Generation remix. Even if you don’t listen to Berryz Koubou, please listen to this, you won’t regret it!!


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