Pepper Keibu and Romance Previews

Previews for Morning Musume’s new single, Pepper Keibu c/w Romance, have been uploaded by lovemusic at JPM.


Romance – the start to 1:14

Pepper Keibu – the rest

Pretty good! At first I wasn’t sure which one I liked more, but now I think I am favoring Pepper Keibu. Romance is still really nice, but defiantly b-side material.

EDIT – Full radio rip of Pepper Keibu, from junkang at JPM.

Full radio rip of Romance, from ~Dan~ and JPH!P.

Now that I have heard the full versions, I still love Pepper Keibu. Not the best thing they’ve released, but nice. Reina has the lead, but I heard solos by Risa, Eri and a cute little line by Sayumi. Maybe my ears aren’t working right, but I don’t think Ai-chan actually got a line in a single this time. O_o Please correct me if I am wrong. Romance is good, but once again, only b-side material in my opinion. It’s growing on me fast, though!

The single is being released September 24th.


3 Responses

  1. Hmmm, ok, who’s the first person who sings? I’m not entirely too sure. But OMG. I love Pepper Keibu. It’s fun. Ah, I’m really happy now!! XD

  2. The first person who has a solo line in Pepper Keibu is Reina (around 1:37). Reina has 2 lines and Risa and Eri each have one line, I think. If you are talking about the first person who actually sings in the song, I’m not sure, because that is a group part lol. I love the song too ^^

  3. Wow that first solo part was Reina? I’m just amazed then. I can usually tell when she’s singing cuz her voice has this cutesy thing to it sometimes (kinda irks me) but here she just sounds sooo great. I’m actually a little surprised tho, I really didn’t hear Ai-chan either. I’m kinda eh about that, cuz I really like her voice, but at the same time I’m happy Risa and Eri got solo lines. I didn’t want this new single to be another Resonant Blue, so I guess its cool then.

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