Pepper Keibu Covers

The covers for Morning Musume’s new single are out now.

Limited Edition A (DVD)

Limited Edition B (Photobook)

Regular Edition

Love them! The girls all look so pretty, I barely even recognized Aika, Risa and Eri. Eri’s hair looks really good! They used the same picture of Aika for the A and regular editions lol. She looks like she has gotten older – her hair can make her look like a completely different person. Still, not that fond of her or Risa’s hair. My favorite one is the cover for the B edition, which is good, because I have already ordered that one! I can’t wait to see the photobook!

The single is being released on September 24th.


2 Responses

  1. Oh yesss, I’m gonna order the B edition too, and its like the nicest one….actually they’re all really nice. I can’t wait to get this!! They all look really great in this, even LinLin, who really isn’t my favorite at all. Now I don’t feel so disappointed about this single being a cover song.

  2. lol at first I was disappointed, but then after seeing the covers and hearing the previews, I’m really excited! Kinda weird haha

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