Pepper Keibu PV

The PV for Morning Musume’s new single has been released.

Hello! Online

Like the Resonant Blue PV, it’s just a dance shot, which slightly disappoints me. The dance is hot and the back round is really cool, but I’m the kind of person who can’t watch a dance shot or a close up shot without getting bored. Hopfully, like Resonant Blue, it will have other editions of the PV, such as the Another Verison that came with RB, which was awesome. Anyway, the PV isn’t bad. My favorite part was the instrumental break, the light effects were awesome. And Sayumi’s little part at the end was extremely cute!

The single is being released September 24th.

PS – I have made a post about this before, but the poll was restarted in June – please vote for Morning Musume! It’s a popularity poll, I believe. They are currently only 20 votes under Hamasaki Ayumi, who is at first place currently. You can vote once a day and the poll lasts until the very last day of the year. Please vote for Morning Musume~!


5 Responses

  1. I am in love with this video. The dancing is so simple, but it actually managed to keep me hooked. Ai-chan…looks really really hot, and those outfits *looks at their legs* They all look really great and Sayumi’s line at the end really is adorable. I hope they do come out with more versions of this, because I really love this song. I would vote for Morning Musume but I can’t read a word of Japanese. *sigh* I should start studying.

  2. Thanks for commenting~ I really like the dance and I agree what you say about it, but I think I’m the only one who’s not looking at their legs lol. Every forum I go on, everyone’s like “Their legs are so hot!!” haha I don’t really like them that way I guess lol. I think that the girls are attractive, but I’m not attracted to them…if that makes sense.

    Also, if you want to vote for Morning Musume, vote for モーニング娘。(currently 8 votes under 1st place) and then click the first grey button from the left at the bottom of the list. It will ask you to make a comment, but that’s only optional – click the grey button and your vote will be submitted. I should have included this in the post, I’m sorry ^^;;

  3. Lol, I get what u mean about the attractiveness. Ok, I will totally vote for them now. Ah, I’m really happy to be able to talk to someone about Hello!Project. None of my friends are really interested so it’s nice to have someone to share opinions with. ^_^

  4. Me too~ No one here even knows about Hello! Project and the ones who do are just quick to judge. I printed Morning Musume’s 2009 calendar cover to put in my locker at school, and every time my friend comes by, she’s like “You still like those Asian chicks?” >< It is really nice to talk to someone though, that’s why I started to blog, I can’t keep my feelings about H!P bottled inside lol. Do you have a blog? If not, you should get one, it’s really fun ^^

  5. Yea I know what you mean about how people are quick to judge. One of my male friends shares the same interest as me and one of his friends asked him “Oh, you like asians? You think theyre attractive?” and when he answered yeah her response was something along the lines of “oh well theyre not the prettiest things around” I just had to roll my eyes at that. I hate how people are so quick to judge.

    In my locker I have a picture of Risa and one of Ai, but no one has noticed. I’m kinda glad tho, cuz I can only imagine what some people would say. *sigh*

    Yeah I do have a blog

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