Tokunaga Chinami’s Cell Phone Stolen?

In the Tokunaga Chinami thread at H!O, I read that a few pictures from what seems to be Chinami’s cell phone have been leaked. It was apparently stolen, and I read on 2ch that even the police were/are involved in it.

Here are the pictures I have seen so far –

Saki, Chinami, Maasa, Miyabi, Yurina and Risako

Saki, Chinami, Maasa, Miyabi and Yurina

Saki, Chinami and Risako

Chinami and Risako

Maimi and Chinami




Some Dog


I’m against some sick weirdo stealing her phone, but it’s kinda nice to see the girls when they aren’t idol-ing. That picture of Maasa is especially awesome, I seriously cannot get over it. I wish it was the same size as the others. :3

If you have anymore info or pictures or know where I can find them, please post. H!O is the only place other than 2ch I have seen this talked about, so the whole situation is not exactly clear. Take everything with a grain of salt.


8 Responses

  1. For some reason, whenever I see Saki in one of the cell phone camera pics, I think she is the most adorable person in the world. LOL, random pic of Maimi drinking water.

  2. well i just hope there r no more pictures that could go against her given in .. being idol has many criteria. just hope that the police could find out who has stolen her cell.

  3. Seems like Chinami doesn’t like Momoko much…

  4. Yeah, it’s nice to see the pictures but, who ever stole her phone is just mean!
    They better find out who stole it!!
    Poor chinami +_+ xx

  5. The picture of Chi in her pink wooly hat is too adorable for words ^^
    She has such a round head.

  6. Oh my goodness! Poor Chinami D: Its one thing to have your phone stolen (and by the quality of those pictures, I bet it’s an expensive phone) but its another thing for a celebrity to have their phone stolen. Think about what could happen if there were… scandalous pictures there?!? O:

  7. omg! poor chinami..i don’t like her much but i pity what happened to her..whoever stole it was so mean!

    and not to mention..he could have got the other idols cellphone number since it’s obviusly stored in chinami’s phone! oh! no! airi!!!!..miyabi!..maimi!!..saki!…

  8. ???
    Saki, Chinami and Risako’s pics…
    what the!!!!!
    and the background…WTH????
    poor Chinami..lost her cellphone and their pics are already seen in the internet(i mean private pics)T_T

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