Takahashi Ai as Main Character in a TV Drama

In January 2009, Morning Musume leader Takahashi Ai will be starring as a main character in a NHK TV drama based on a detective manga called Q.E.D. ~Shomei Shuryo~ . There are ten episodes planned so far, starting January 8th and ending on March 12th and will air every Thursday at 8 o’clock PM.

Takahashi’s character is named Kana, who is an energetic and cheerful high schooler. She meets someone by the name of Toma, who graduated from a university at age 15. They solve various mysteries together.

This is really great – a MM member a main character of a TV show. The Pink Lady drama that Ai and Risa were in last month got high rankings, so who knows what this could do. As Ai-chan is already popular, I can see this maybe effecting the sales of Morning Musume CD’s in a good way.


One Response

  1. HOLY FRICKEN CRAP!! OMG!!! YAY!! Ai-chan!! I was having such a bad today, but this just made up for it. I’m so totally gonna watch this. She’s so talented, I know she’s gonna do a great job. YAY!!! (sorry, im too much of a fangirl. ^_^)

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