Tsugunaga Momoko’s Third Photobook + DVD

Tsugunaga Momoko is releasing her 3rd photobook on November 21st and some kind of DVD on December 3rd.



(It seems like every photobook being released now is getting a DVD. Nacchi, Sayumi and Reina all have one, and now Momoko)

I like Momoko a lot and her last photobook was really good, but we could use some variety. Momoko’s last photobook was released in March and it was the last H!PK photobook released since now. I was hoping Miyabi would finally get her second photobook since it’s way over due or that we get some Erika, Chinami or Maasa photobooks. It’s seriously getting really old and boring seeing Momoko, Risako, Airi and Maimi being the only H!PK getting photobooks. At least Morning Musume has more variety – while Ai-chan and Reina usually get like 2 or maybe 3 photobooks a year, all the other members (minus 8th gen) usually get one every year….


2 Responses

  1. Oooh, I can’t wait for this. She’s so adorable. Kinda sucks that there won’t be a Miyabi photobook, she looks really really gorgeous right now. I seriously think Erika needs to get one. I mean come on Risako has a few and isnt she like 14 or something? geez. I think some of the older girls should get some photobooks.

  2. I agree about the older ones needing photobooks. I personally find it a bit insulting that Erika doesn’t have one yet, she’s turning 18 years old next year, she’s very model like and she actually is getting a very steady fan base, if not already having one. I kinda feel sorry for Risako though, I think she is just being used sometimes. She is a very big seller, so it’s natural, I guess, but I don’t think the other girls such as Chinami or Kanna would only sell 39 copies of their photobook if they got one. It may not sell more than Risako, Momoko, Airi or Maimi’s, but I’m sure it will sell well…UFA really ticks me off sometimes. ><

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