Tan Tan Taan! PV

The PV for Milky Way’s new single has been uploaded to Dohhh UP!.

Dohhh UP! Link

The PV is a bit boring, but I love the song! It’s growing on me the more I listen to it. Also, Sayaka. She is amazing. She manages the cute and cool looks at the same time so well. Her voice was actually kinda weird in this song, but she’s just so awesome that you can forgive her for it.

The single is being released on October 29th. (the PV came out a bit early, don’t you think?)


One Response

  1. I think the PV came out so early because it’s was on Kirarin Revolution, and I bet they want to promote the show even more :O So by releasing the PV early, they can catch some more people to watch Kirarin Revolution.

    That’s my theory anyway XD

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