Lotta Love Lotta Love Covers

Above are the covers for Buono!’s new single. Limited is on the left, regular on the right.

They are OK…kinda cheap. But then again, Buono! is known for bad covers so I wasn’t really expecting anything. I like the limited cover better than the regular one, which sucks, since I’ve already ordered the regular. Maybe I will like it better once I get it though…I remember not liking the cover for Honto no Jibun until I actually had it in my hands. One thing I do like though is Miyabi’s hair style – so cute!

The single is being released on November 12th.


2 Responses

  1. I MUST PREORDER THIS!! Yeah the covers arent that great but Miya’s hair does look really nice.

  2. I already preordered it~ I have all of Buono!’s CDs they released so far. And I really hope Miyabi gets another PB soon, she has really changed since her last one and she’s just gorgeous now, but who knows if she’ll get one soon seeing how she keeps getting pushed to the back D:

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