Madayade and Lotta Love Lotta Love PVs

The PVs for Berryz Koubou’s new single Madayade and for Buono!’s new single Lotta Love Lotta Love have been released.


Lotta Love Lotta Love

Madayade PV actually looks like they spent some money on it! Lolz Berryz in an office. Although, the dance is really really weird and a bit embarrassing. Even more so than Monkey Dance. Lol at the random shot of Miyabi’s chest at 0:51. And Yurina sticks out too much. I love me some Yulina, but really. She is as tall as a skyscraper and she’s wearing bright yellow. WHY. It just looks bad. I do like the song though, which is good, because I have already ordered the single lol.

I don’t really like the Buono! PV…what happened? Their last four PVs were really good, and all this basically is a dance shot with a few close ups. All the girls look great, especially Miyabi, but it gets boring. There’s no cute little “story line” like the other Buono! PVs. The song is still awesome though.

Your thoughts?

Madayade is being released on November 5th and Lotta Love Lotta Love is being released on November 12th.


One Response

  1. I love the Madayade PV, and the song is awesome. The dance is kinda….funny. Captain looks absolutely gorgeous in this. I like the fact that the PV is actually different and not just full of shots of them looking pretty.

    As for the Lotta Love Lotta Love PV, I don’t like it too much. It’s boring. I wish we had gotten something like Renai Rider or something. I like pretty colors, but the PV for this single is just…eh. The song is awesome though, so I don’t mind that the PV isn’t that great.

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