Forever Love Full Preview

Below is the full version of C-ute’s new single, Forever Love.

Forever Love

Not a big fan of it…at all, really. Sounds generic. I keep wondering “what am I listening to?” and I just get lost when I’m listening to it. I have to admit that the chorus is catchy though. One thing that id really ticking me off though is that this song is 85% Airi and Maimi. Again. Edo no Temari was awesome as everyone got lines…but in this song, the members that aren’t Airi and Maimi don’t even get to sing in the chorus, not counting those MY DARLING parts and stuff like that. All the other girls only get one solo except for Chisato, who gets two (FINALLY she’s getting the attention she deserves). I like both Airi and Maimi but seriously. It’s getting REALLY boring.

The single will be released on November 26th.


One Response

  1. Bad line distribution this time *sigh* I love Maimi, but I want to hear more of Kanna and Erika. The My darling parts in the background are really annoying. And like you, I also get lost while I’m listening to it.

    Well hopefully the PV makes up for this single.

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