Kill Me Kiss Me PV

The PV for Hangry & Angry’s song Kill Me Kiss Me has been released.

Click Here

The effects are really really cheap. And the girls…I lol’d so hard. Rika looks like a doll and Yossy is just scary. Awesome song though.

Also, their mini album (out November 19th) is being released in the US!! Their myspace has also said that there will be a US and European tour next year. You can find more info on this in the link above. I’m defiantly going to buy their album if I can find it!


One Response

  1. I’m so excited, too! I’m probably going to end up download the album from japanfiles, but if I can find it, I’ll buy it!

    Did you hear about the Japan-USA-Europe tour? I’m so going, I want to see Yossie and Rika in person!

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