Kirari to Fuyu Covers + Tracklist

The covers for Kusumi Koharu’s 3rd album, Kirari to Fuyu, are now out.

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

Sooo cute! I really like the regular one and I might even buy it sometime because the cover is just so adorable. They both have a nice Christmas-y theme that I love. And yes – I sometimes do buy CDs just because of the cover. :P

Here is the tracklist for the album –

01. コイサイン (Koi Sign)
02. アナタボシ (Anataboshi)
03. パパンケーキ (Papancake)
04. ラブチク (Love Chick)
05. Oh! トモダチ (Oh! Tomodachi)
06. マスカラフル (Mass Colorful)
07. パピーラブ (Puppy Love)
08. ソラミミドレミ (So La Mi Mi Do Re Mi)
09. ガムシャララ (Gamusharara)
10. タンタンターン! (Tan Tan Taan!)
11.サンサンGOGO (Sansan GOGO)
12.夢のバルーン (Yume no Balloon)

The album will be released on December 17th.


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