New C-ute Artist Photos

The Official Hello! Project site has updated C-ute’s artist pictures for their new single Forever Love.

For some reason, I love it when H!P girls dress up in suits O_o. That sounds weird, I know, but they all can really pull it off. I really like how Chisato has been looking lately, she’s finally growing her hair out just like Chinami, and she looks really good! Erika and Saki’s hair look really good in their pictures. And I think Kanna could pass off as a real boy O_o. She’s still awesome though.


One Response

  1. Saki….wow..gorgeous. I love Chisato’s :3 face and I’m glad she’s letting her hair grow out. Maimi and Erika look hot in those suits and Kanna could really be mistaken for a very pretty boy.

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