Forever Love PV

Below is the PV for C-ute’s new single, Forever Love.

Hello! Online Stream

The computers and office-like setting reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s Madayade PV, which was just released a few weeks ago. However, the mood is totally different. I love the suits! The girls of C-ute make really cute boys. O_o The outfits they are wearing while they dance are nice – I especially like Airi’s, she looks so mature! Mai looks more mature too ever since she got her hair cut. Kanna’s outfit is amazing. And all the girls look lovely in their close ups – especially Chisato. Did you see her!? She’s getting really pretty! I loveeeeee her hair style. She’s amazing. Still not that fond of the song though – the chorus is WAY out of place. The song starts off all serious like and then it’s all “I LOVE YOU! MY DARLING~ ♥” in the chorus O_o I couldn’t remember the song to save my life when I first saw this, so when it first started, I liked the serious-ness of it. Then it got all cutesy and I’m like huh? The chorus doesn’t really fit the outfits or PV. It is catchy though. :3 Still don’t like the ever predictable AiriMaimi lead, but YAY for everyone getting lines (obviously some more than others). And I’m so glad Chisato is the only person who is not Airi or Maimi who got two lines, finally, they are seeing her talent! The dance is pretty awesome too, C-ute always seem to get the best dances for their songs, which makes sense, since no one in the group is a bad dancer.

The single is being released on November 26th.


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