Forever Love Review

Forever Love – C-ute’s 7th Single

Forever Love

Rating – 9/10

Initially, I didn’t like this song at all, but I find it to be so good now. I still think the chorus is out of place but it’s too catchy to care *_*. It just takes a few listens to like it, is all…I remember when Namida no Iro came out, I had to listen to the song 10 times until it finally caught on. Watching the PV helps – for some reason, the PV makes most songs seem much more appealing. Also, not so happy about the AiriMaimi lead, but they sang well…I still say it needs moar Chisato. This is a really good song, but not C-ute’s best.

Seventeen’s Vow

Rating – 9/10

When I first saw the title for this song, I was so interested to hear it for some reason. I just think it sounds cool haha. Although, th title only fits Erika and Maimi – Erika is 17 already and Maimi is turning 17 in February. All the others are like <15. Wouldn’t that be cool if it were just and Erika and Maimi song? Anyway, really catchy! I love fast beginning, it makes you want to hear more. I really like the chorus, it slows down a bit but still has the same catchy-ness. I personally think this is their best b-side since Jump, which was from a long time ago…C-ute doesn’t really have good b-sides. :3

Overall – 9/10

Strong single, but they can always do better. I think I might even buy this too. I still have to buy Edo no Temari II though…I’m running out of money. T_T


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