4 Akogare My Star and Omoi Afurete Tracklists

Below is the tracklist for C-ute’s 4th album.

1. ★憧れ My STAR★ (Akogare My STAR)
2. One’s LIFE / Umeda Erika, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai
3. Yes! all my family/ Suzuki Airi
4. 涙の色 (Namida no Iro)
5. 愛してる 愛してる (Aishiteru Aishiteru)/ Nakajima Saki, Arihara Kanna
6. 青春ソング / 矢島 (Seishun Song) / Yajima Maimi
7. Big dreams
9. 約束は特にしないわ (Yakusoku wa Toku ni Shinai wa)
11. 江戸の手毬唄 II (Edo no Temari Uta II)

(The titles for tracks 10 and 11 haven’t been released yet)

More Airi and Maimi solos?! AAaaAAAArrRRrrrrRrrGGgGGGgg. This is just so so so predictable. I will die if Risako gets another solo on Berryz’s next album. But I really loved Tsuugaku Vector (Airi’s first solo) and Natsu Doki Lipstick (Maimi’s first solo) was good (but not really a favorite.) Let’s hope their new songs won’t be disappointing. And I’m so happy that Mai and Saki aren’t singing together, that was so predictable also. The good thing is that there are 8 new songs for this album, which is quite a good number. And four of them are group songs, four are shuffle, so it’s even.

The album is being released on January 28th.

Below is the tracklist for Matsuura Aya’s 6th album.

M1.結婚しない二人 (Kekkon Shinai Futari)
M2.七回歌うといいことがある歌 (Shichikai (7kai) Utau Toii Koto ga Aru Uta
M3.beautiful day
M5.想いあふれて (Omoi Afurete)
M6.レスキュー!レスキュー!(Rescue! Rescue!)
M7.中央改札 (Chuuoukai Shitsu)
M8.真珠 (Shinju)
M10. きずな (Kizuna)

Thank you happyproject for the romanji ^^

The only single on the album is Kizuna and we all know that Ayaya doesn’t have that much of a big career anymore…I hope this will sell well though.


2 Responses

  1. All right, I tried to romanize Ayaya’s new album for you. I’m pretty positive on them, but sorry if I make any mistakes!
    1. Kekkon shinai futari
    2. Shichikai (7kai) utau toii koto ga aru uta
    3. Beautiful Day
    4. Boomboomboom
    5. Omoi afurete
    6. resukyu! resukyu! (Rescue! Rescue!)
    7. Chuuoukai shitsu
    8. Shinju
    9. Fallin’
    10. Kizuna

    • Thank you! I’ll edit it into my post ^^

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