Cover You Review

Cover You – Morning Musume’s 1st Cover Album

01. Nagisa no Sinbad

Rating – 8/10

I really like the opening for this song. The song is really catchy, but unfortunately, it’s also very short. I really like how Risa sang her first line. My favorite part is ANATA WA SEXY~ haha. There really isn’t very much to say about this song, it’s not bad but it’s just not that notable. It does make a good opener though. If it was anywhere on the album I don’t think it would fit in so well.

02. Dou ni mo Tomaranai

Rating – 9/10

I believe this was supposed to be a W single. Although honestly, I can’t really imagine it…I would like to have heard Aibon and Nono sing it though. The song is very catchy (the chorus is win), but what really stood out to me is the voices, especially those of Ai, Risa and Eri. Their voices fit the song so well and it would have been awesome if they were the only ones singing it. Sayumi and Aika kinda ruined the song. And is it me, or did Jun Jun not get any lines? Everyone else did, I believe. It’s so hard to pick out the voices, they all so sound different!

03. Izakaya

Rating – 8.5/10

This song is just Ai-chan with some old man who I don’t know but has a nice voice. Their voices go well together and even though the guy is not in Morning Musume, I don’t mind him being there. And honestly, when I first saw “Izakaya – Takahashi Ai featuring Some Old Guy”, I thought this song would be boring. But it’s actually very calm and relaxing without being boring. Not something I’d listen to a lot, but not a bad song at all. The chorus is my favorite part of the song, very mesmerizing~

04. Pepper Keibu

Rating – 8/10

To be honest, this song has still not grown on me that much. When I listen to it, I usually just turn off the song after the second chorus. It’s the only Morning Musume single where I do not know all the lyrics by heart. It is catchy, but…I don’t know, really. There is just something about it that bugs me. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe it needs more Risa. Or Ai. Or maybe I just really don’t think it should have been a single, rather just have been a new track. I think Dou ni mo Tomaranai would have been a better single.

05. Shiroi Chou no Samba

Rating – 9.5/10

The music for this is so catchy and omg Jun Jun and Lin Lin are AMAZING. Finally they get to lead a song. Jun Jun has a very soft voice while Lin Lin has a louder, but pleasant voice. This is the most we’ve heard from them in a song, I believe. The one bad thing about this song is that I feel it is too short and a bit rushed. Still awesome though. Defiantly listen to this song if you’re a big JunLin fan, you won’t be disappointed.

06. Seishun Jidai

Rating – 8.5/10

This song is mostly sung by the 6th generation members Eri, Sayumi and Reina. Eri, omg. When did she become such a great singer? I never thought of her as a bad singer but I didn’t know she was this good. She did nothing but impress me throughout this album. Her voice is much lower than normal in this song and I LOVE IT~ Reina was also great, but sounded the same as usual, maybe just a little steadier this time though. Even Sayumi sounded better than usual. The song is good, but not one of my favorites from the album.

07. Ringo Satsujin Jiken

Rating – 10/10

This song is one of my favorites. Very catchy and has a different vibe out of the other songs from the album. Also, it is the longest song from the album, lasting four and a half minutes, FINALLY we get a longer song. I really enjoyed hearing Ai, Risa and Eri in this song. Very strong presence they have. I also like the “furi furi furi” parts that Sayu and Koha have. In the chorus, if my Japanese skillz are correct, they are singing about an apple being eaten? Haha I LOVE IT. Kanashii ne~, Kanashii ne~ haha this song is amazing and so catchy~~ Sadly I haven’t heard of that many people who like this song…do you? :P

08. Romance

Rating – 10/10

For some reason, I feel so weird when I like a b-side more than an a-side. And that’s only for recent singles – for older singles, I have no problem with it. It’s so weird. But yeah, I really like this song way more than Pepper Keibu. The chorus is so catchy and I even listen to the original sometimes. This should have been a single T_T And I prefer hearing solos rather than the girls singing together…this song has tons of awesome solos. And it has lots of Risa, which we all know is automatic win. Anata ga…..suki nan desu~~~~

09. Machi no Akari

Rating – 8/10

This song is an Ai and Risa lead. Which means it should be automatically awesome. But sadly, they only got an average song. It’s even slower than Izakaya, and a bit boring. A good song in it’s own way, but doesn’t really fit the others on the album and it’s not something I would listen to a lot.

10. Koi no Dial 6700

Rating – 1000000000/10

WIN. That’s all I can say. Lin Lin singing “RIN RIN RIN RIN RIN RIN”, cute lines by Sayumi, Risa and Eri being awesome again, it has it all. Amazing song and my favorite from the album. KIMI NO TELEPHONE NUMBER 6700 loveeee that part. And I love the chorus, so so so catchy. I love this song. According to iTunes, I’ve listened to it like 50 times while I haven’t listened to any of the other songs over 15 times haha. Amazing~~~~~~

11. Pinpon Pan Taisou

Rating – 8/10

Koharu lead but Aika is also prominent. This song is amazing annoying but I don’t hate it at all for some reason. It sounds like a Kirari track. There isn’t anything else to say about it, although if you can listen to this song more than one time in a row, you are an amazing person. It would drive me crazy.

12. Watashi no Aoi Tori

Rating – 9.5/10

Eri lead, oh yes. She sounds so heavenly and the song fits her perfectly. I remember when first seeing the tracklist, this is the song that I wanted to hear the most. I like the title. And the song certainly didn’t disappoint, although I didn’t think it’d be a Kame solo, but that makes it even better. Kuu kuu kuu kuu kuu kuu kuu~

13. Jonii e no Dengon

Rating – 10/10

This is my second favorite song on the album. Can you guess why? RISA LEAD. She’s so amazing I can’t believe it T_T This is the perfect song for her and I love love love it. I like how suspenseful it is. The song builds up. It’s like “wataSHI WA DAIJOUBU~~~~♪” haha I love that part, she sounds so cool when she sings that. I can’t really explain it that well though haha, you should go listen to the song yourself. :3 I also like how even though you can tell other members are singing, Risa is the only one you can hear. That’s how it should be. :3

14. UFO

Rating – 8.5/10

A lot of people were happy this song was on this album, but to be honest, I don’t see the hype. I like the song but I don’t think it’s omg spectacular. It’s just a normal song for me. The singing really just sounds like normal Morning Musume. The opening of the song is awesome though, so suspenseful~ haha. I really don’t know what to say…good song but not really a great one. It’s a bit on the boring side.

Overall Rating – 9/10

Amazing album! The songs are great and the girls’ voices have really improved, I still can’t even reconize some of them. I was particularly impressed with Risa, Eri and Lin Lin, they really stood out throughout the whole album and they are the most easy to reconize. Although each of the girls did a good job. I really didn’t hear that much Aika and I heard more Lin Lin than I did Jun Jun. Hmm.


3 Responses

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  2. “Sadly I haven’t heard of that many people who like this song…do you? :P”

    YES! I love this song, it gets me all excited. I have to agree with the rating you gave the entire album. It was pretty damn awesome. <3

    • Yay~ The album is pretty awesome, I hope MM’s next album will be good also ^^

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