Ice CreaMusume’s Debut

I’m sure you already know this, but the six winners of the audition held in Taiwan have formed the group Ice CreaMusume and will release their first album on January 9th.

Below are the six members, who each have their own Japanese name and ice cream flavor to represent.

Wú Sī Xuán

Japanese Name – ShenShen (シェンシェン)
Birthday – January 10th, 1988
Blood Type – O
Ice Cream Flavor – Purple/Blueberry

Zhōng An Qí

Japanese Name – Anchii (アンチー)
Birthday – July 23rd, 1989
Blood Type
– B
Ice Cream Flavor – Chocolate/Coffee Brown

Céng Dé Píng

Japanese Name – PeiPei (ペイペイ)
Birthday – February 10th, 1991
Blood Type
– A
Ice Cream Flavor – Vanilla

Zhào Guó Róng

Japanese Name – Youko (ヨウコ), also known as “Light Bulb”
– August 28th, 1992
Blood Type
– A
Ice Cream Flavor
– Pink Strawberry

Lán Ai Zi

Japanese Name – ReiRei (レイレイ)
– January 16th, 1994
Blood Type
– O
Ice Cream Flavor
– Mint Green


Japanese Name – Guu-chan (グーチャン)
– December 14th, 1996
Blood Type
– O
Ice Cream Flavor
– Mango Orange

The above picture is Ice CreaMusume with their producer, I believe. I’m not sure if Tsunku will be producing this group. His name is Tanaka Yoshitake and he was the original producer of Country Musume.

Their first album is titled 1st Best! and will be released on January 9th. It has been revealed that one of the tracks is a cover of Morning Musume’s Renai Revolution 21 and will be played on radio a few days from now. They also have an official blog.

This unit looks really promising, can’t wait to hear the album!


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