Screen Review

Screen – Abe Natsumi’s 11th Single


Rating – 8.5/10

I like the song. The chorus is especially nice and she sounds really good. It’s good to hear Nacchi’s voice again. The instrumental of the song captures my attention the most, very beautiful. The song is good but I don’t think it was good as her last single.

Sayonara sae Ienu mama

Rating – 8/10

This song reminds me a bit of Shousetsu no Naka no Futari, which was the b-side to her last single and it’s also my favorite b-sides of hers. n the other song, Nacchi’s voice goes hgh during the chorus, and in this song, her voice holds on to the words. It may not sound the same but you really need to listen to both songs to understand what I am saying. Since they are similar, I would have to like this song too.

Overall Rating – 8/10

Overall, a nice single, but not her best. I hope she gets a new single

Sorry for all of the bad reviews lately. You may or may not have noticed, but I really struggle with writing. I’m not really good at writing my thoughts down. I’m surprised I even managed to keep this blog up and running for so long. Even so, thank you for reading my blog and supporting me, I really appreciate it.

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