Hello! Project’s 2008 in My View

Here is my review for Hello! Project 2008. I will post my top three favorite releases from 2008, arranged in six categories –

  • Singles
  • A-Sides
  • B-Sides
  • Albums
  • Album Tracks
  • Photobooks

Best Single of 2008…

Third Place; Lotta Love Lotta Love – Buono!

Amazing single and my favorite of Buono!’s so far. Both songs are very high in quality and very unique. The reason it’s only 3rd place is because I don’t listen to My Love as much as I should. I listen to Lotta Love about every single day and that song seems to overshadow the other just a bit. Still, great single.

Second Place; Resonant Blue – Morning Musume

This is no doubt one of Morning Musume’s best singles. Like Lotta Love, both songs are very high in quality and have a unique catchiness factor. The songs clash a bit, but I find that quite nice and I hope they will continue to have solid singles like this one.

First Place; Madayade – Berryz Koubou

I was just looking back at my old posts and noticed that I never wrote a review for this single…oops. Too late for that now. But I LOVE both of these songs, I’ve had them on repeat for days and even though the single came out a month ago I still listen to them like they just came out. I can’t get tired of either song. I personallly think that this is one of their best singles, if not the best. The songs are very good and the vocals have defiantly improved. I am very impressed with this single and I hope more like this come out from Berryz.

Best A-Side of 2008…

Third Place; Gachinko de Ikou! – Buono!

One of Buono!’s best songs. I fell in love with it instantly when it came out back in August. My favorite thing about this song though would have to be the dance – very interesting. Too hard for me to do though :P Still, amazing song.

Second Place; Lotta Love Lotta Love – Buono!

When Gachinko first came out, I thought, “Wow, this song will be hard to be topped”. I was wrong lol. This song is AMAZING. Everything about it. And it’s easily my favorite Buono! song and I think that THIS song will be hard to top. I could be wrong though..:P

First Place; Resonant Blue – Morning Musume

I don’t think any Morning Musume fan hates this song. It sold very well compared to other Morning Musume singles and the song was actually worth it. The song brought a new feeling to the current Morning Musume that helps them. Hopefully they get songs like this again in the future.

Best B-Side of 2008…

Third Place; Onna Zakari – Melon Kinenbi

Surprise! Not a very popular song, you probably never heard of it. It’s the b-side to Melon Kinenbi’s Charisma, Kirei single. I LOVE this song, it’s very simple but still manages to be really good. I love the unique instrumental and the fact that the lines are evenly distributed.

Second Place; Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! – Morning Musume

This is one of the catchiest songs released all year. It is quite different from it’s a-side, Resonant Blue, but nicely so. I also really like the lyrics and it’s one of my favorites in that field, very encouraging.

First Place; Furare Pattern – Berryz Koubou

Hehe, surprise! I love this song, as you should know already.

Best Album of 2008…

Third Place; Café Buono! – Buono!

I don’t think there’s a lot of people out there who don’t love this album. Every track is solid, and the singles support it. The reason it’s only number three is that the tracks seem “old” to me – I don’t listen to them as much as I used to. Still, great album by a great group and I can’t wait for their new one!

Second Place; Cover You – Morning Musume

Amazing album, and it showcased the all of the girls’ improvement very well. Even though the songs aren’t Morning Musume’s, I was really impressed with all of them and they were all sang very well.

First Place; 5 (Five) – Berryz Koubou

Berryz are on a roll this year. This album is one of the best H!P albums I’ve heard. Every track is nice and I’m not tired of any of them yet. I have the CD and this is the CD I listen to most often when I’m in my room. The singles are great and the album tracks were far better than I imagined.

Best Album Track of 2008…

Third Place; Real Love – Berryz Koubou

Hehe…at first, I didn’t really like this song, but now it’s my favorite song off of 5 (Five). When I play the CD, I listen to this the most. Risako sounds great and I like the “soft” feel of the song – the vocals are smooth and the song isn’t too fast or slow.

Second Place; Koi no Dial 6700 – Morning Musume

Best song off of Morning Musume’s latest album. It has a Lin Lin lead, which means it’s automatically awesome. She sounded awesome, as well the other girls. Their voices impressed me in this song and this song i very fun to listen to.

First Place; Nakimushi Shounen – Buono!

You cannot deny how awesome this song is. Easily Buono!’s best album track, very unique and well done. I remember instantly liking it, I mean seriously. Amazing song. I was really impressed with the vocals too, the girls handled a song like this very well.

Best Photobook of 2008…

Third Place; Happy Girl – Niigaki Risa

Easily Gaki’s best photobook. She looks fantastic and it has some really unique pictures. I can’t believe it was released so long ago (April), time goes by so fast! Hopefully she gets an even better photobook next year~

Second Place; 20 (Hatachi) – Kamei Eri

Love this, Kamei looks beautiful as always and there are some very nice pictures. They all connect pretty well with each other and I can see how they represent the 20 year old Kamei Eri.

First Place; Very Reina – Tanaka Reina

Best photobook of Reina’s and I think it will be hard to top. As the title shows, it had some “very Reina” pictures – ones that other members could pull off as well as Reina. Very unique photobook and very well done.

So there you have it! Thank you all for reading my blog, I really appreciate it. I will try my best to be a better writer next year. Happy New Year everyone!


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  2. Interesting. I see you like Berryz Koubou releases of year 2008. I’ve never heard them, so, I am going to search for their music. Unfortunately, j-pop is very hard to find in online music store that i use (recs.ru), so, sometimes the only way to listen to something is illegal downloading.
    Thank you…

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