New Morning Musume Artist Photos

The artist photos for Morning Musume on the Official Hello! Project Website have been updated showing the girls in their outfits for their new single.

Everyone looks great! I can’t say anything extremely negative, that’s a first lol. I love love love the outfits, you have no idea. Ai-chan looks really good, she has a cute scarf and a simple but nice outfit. Risa is one of my favorites here, I LOVE her outfit. The silver and purple go together really well surprisingly and also seem to make her hair look more noticeable. I have no idea what is on Eri’s head, nor do I think I want to know, but you work it gurl. Sayumi is also with Risa as one of my favorites, she has the simple but fashionable look going on. Reina looks…like Reina. As in, she still has that same hairstyle, but I guess she knows what works. Her outfit is a bit plain too but she doesn’t look bad at all. Koharu looks really good with that hairstyle, she looks more mature and her outfit is cute. Aika actually looks great for once, the hat and earrings are pretty cute. Jun Jun I think looks one of the best too, cute hat and I love her outfit. Lin Lin’s hat is a bit weird, but she pulls it off somehow.


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