co・no・mi・chi PV

Below is the link for the PV for Buono!’s new single.


I believe this is the first song Tsunku has composed for Buono!. On the forums I visited, a lot of people are unhappy with both the song and PV. I guess Tsunku shouldn’t compose their songs anymore lol. I like the song a lot, but it broke the very short “chain of awesome”. Gachinko de Ikou! was my favorite Buono! song back then, and I thought nothing could top it. Then along came Lotta Love Lotta Love, the best Buono song, ever. I guess that song will be very, very hard to beat. The song is catchy, but just not good enough. And the PV is kinda weird, with the walking green scenes and all. I liked the street though, and Miyabi looked gorgeous throughout the whole thing.

The single will be released on January 21st.


One Response

  1. This song is a little less lively than, say, “Rottara Rottara,” but nice nonetheless. It’s cool Tsunku is back involved as composer.

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