co・no・mi・chi Review

co・no・mi・chi – Buono!’s 6th Single

01. co・no・mi・chi

Rating – 9/10

Very nice song, and I believe it’s the first  Buono! song composed by Tsunku. The song took a while to grow on me, but it’s a really great song and Tsunku should definitely be involved with more of their songs. If you compare all of the girls vocals to the vocals in their earlier songs such as Honto no Jibun or Renai Rider, their vocals have definatly improved and this song really showcases it well.

02. Muteki no ∞ Power

Rating – 9/10

One of their best b-sides. The chorus is extremely catchy and like the a-side, it shows off the improvement of their vocals. In my opinion, this song is almost as good as Kokoro no Tamago.

Overall Rating – 9/10

Very nice single, and it’s their only single where both songs are equally good. I seriously can’t pick which one I like the best! This single has also made me like Miyabi a lot more lately…she used to be 6 on my rankings and now she is 3. I never noticed how much I love her voice.


One Response

  1. This is a different stroke for Buono!, but after “Rottara, Rottara” they might need some amping down. The hits, so far, just keep on rollin’.

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