About Me

Name – Bri
Birthday – May 28th
Location – United States of America
Height – 5’3″ or 160.02cm
Sign – Gemini
Blood Type – AB
Favorite Colors – Blue, green, gray, black, red
Favorite Artists – Hello! Project artists, Big Bang, Hamasaki Ayumi, Amuro Namie, BoA, Otsuka Ai, Utada Hikaru, Koda Kumi
Favorite Hello! Project Members – Niigaki Risa, Kamei Eri, Jun Jun, Takahashi Ai, Michishige Sayumi, Sudou Maasa, Okai Chisato

I’m not really interesting so I’ll just tell you how I got into J-pop. :3

I became a fan of J-pop around around November of 2006, but my first connection with it was in May of 2006. There was this one TV show I liked and I searched for videos for it on Youtube. I found a video of it using the Utada Hikaru song Simple & Clean as the music. I remember hearing this a long time ago on a commercial but never knew what it was called or who sung it. Then afterwards I found the same video but the song was in Japanese, and the song was called Hikari. I loved the song, but then I soon forgot about it until one day in November when I listened to the videos again and thought “I should check out her other music”. I found her English album Exodus online and thought it was really good. I then decided to buy it for Christmas of 2006, and became addicted to J-pop since then.

Around December 2006, I discovered Hamasaki Ayumi because I heard she was Hikaru’s rival. At first I was opposed to her because of that, but then I searched for videos and found one with her song Rainbow. I fell in love with the song and then proceeded to find more music by her. Along the way, I discovered artists such as BoA, Nakashima Mika, and Otsuka Ai. I listened to their music non-stop, & was interested in everything they were doing. I even tried to teach myself Japanese. (which didn’t go so well :P)

It wasn’t until late February-early March 2007 that I discovered Morning Musume and Hello! Project. I saw they had their own sub-forum on Jpopmusic and was like “Oh, I should check them out”. I searched on Youtube and the first video I saw was the one for their latest single Egao Yes Nude. I really liked the song so I read the Wikipedia article on them to see pictures of the members. I thought Kusumi Koharu was the cutest thing ever and she became my instant favorite. I found a few songs from them, the only one I can remember for sure were Souda! We’re Alive and The Peace!. I instantly because hooked to Souda!, listening to it non stop for a couple weeks. The Peace! took a while to catch on, because I totally ignored it because of how awesome Souda! was, lol.

Around April, I found out that a new single was coming out, called Kanashimi Twilight. I remember seeing the video on Hello! Online and I liked the song a lot. Also, Yoshizawa Hitomi became my favorite in the group instead of Koharu, and I was so sad that she would be graduating the next month. When she did graduate, Niigaki Risa became my favorite member, with Kamei Eri and Jun Jun following closely behind her.

It wasn’t until early May-late June until I payed attention to the other groups of Hello! Project. My first group other than Morning Musume was Berryz Koubou. It was around the time their Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba single was being released, but I was really into Very Beauty at the time. Surprisingly, Sugaya Risako was my first favorite, probably she was the only one who I could see. :3 But shortly after Sudou Maasa became my favorite. I didn’t pay attention to C-ute until around Tokaikko Junjou came out, and my number one favorite was always Okai Chisato. In November, I started listening to Melon Kinenbi, in December, I discovered v-u-den and in January 2008 I started listening to Matsuura Aya. I pretty much listen to every artist in Hello! Project now.

Then as time progressed I became a really big J-pop fan. It was really interesting learning about all the artists because they are drastically different than American artists and I don’t see me losing interest in this music anytime soon. Although the artists of Hello! Project are my main focus, I still listen to the other artists I mentioned frequently.


2 Responses

  1. Hey interesting story. Since you listen to Big Bang, have you ever heard of the Wonder Girls?

  2. Thanks lol ^^ Yep, Wonder Girls are awesome. I only have 3 songs by them though, but they are growing on me fast~ I’m going to look for other songs sometime soon hopefully.

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