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Arihara Kanna Scandal?
July 29, 2008

From Hello! Online

In a tale doomed to repeat itself many times over, yet another H!P idol has been spotted with a member of the opposite sex. In the newest issue of the Japanese tabloid Bubka, C-ute member Arihara Kanna is seen spending time with Johnny’s Jr. member Ryosuke Hashimoto. According to the article accompanying the photos, the two were spotted seeing the popular movie “Hana Yori Dango: Final” together. The writer comically hypothesizes that Hashimoto went to learn some acting tips from the star of the movie, Matsumoto Jun, who is also a member of Johnny’s.

The photos in the second scan show the two waiting in the theater lobby before the movie started. The person who witnessed the two said that Kanna & Hashimoto seemed wary of being in public together, with Hashimoto sometimes covering his face as people walked by. Also noted is the fact that they met only for the movie, and after the movie ended, they went their own ways (probably off to work). “Idol love affairs are difficult,” the author proposes.

Dating is forbidden in Up-Front Agency’s idol contracts, so we’ll have to see how this develops for Kanna’s future in H!P.


Oh wow. Excuse the girl for wanting to have a life. Yes, she is an idol but those old men should realize that they will never have a chance with Kanna or any H!P girl for that matter. Let the girl have fun.

Berryz Koubou member Natsuyaki Miyabi was in a similar situation in early June. A video was taken of her hugging and kissing a boy and whatnot. She apparently wasn’t punished (as UFA never made an announcement on it, which means it was most likely her. I’m sure it was her too…you can spot that chin a mile away!). She is one of H!P’s most popular members though. Kanna is not. Kanna is probably the biggest underdog in C-ute along with Umeda Erika.

The girl in the pictures really do look like her. This looks less serious than the Miyabi scandal though. I mean, she is just shown sitting next to the boy, not jumping all over the guy like Miyabi was. Kanna has always been a touchy-feely kinda person, but she’s just touching him on the arm.  I’m probably just in denial though. All in all, it doesn’t look too serious. I really like her a lot so hopefully this will just blow over.