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Okitegami PV
April 9, 2008

The PV for Fujimoto Miki’s 6th single, Okitegami, has been released on Dohhh UP!

Click Here

Also, here is Horiuchi Takao’s version which features Mikitty –

Click Here

The single is being released April 23rd.


New Fujimoto Miki Aritst Photo
March 25, 2008

The Hello! Project Official Site has updated Fujimoto Miki’s artist photo –

I love Miki’s glares :3

Okitegami Cover
March 24, 2008

Above is the cover for Fujimoto Miki’s 6th single Okitegami.

Miki is amazing~

The single is being released April 23rd.

EDITBigger image

Fujimoto Miki’s Comeback
February 13, 2008


It was announced today that past Morning Musume member Fujimoto Miki will be releasing a solo single on April 23rd, 2008. The single is called “Oki Tegami”. She will be releasing it on the same day as fellow UFA singer Horiuchi Takao, to see which sells more.

I’m excited for this. Even though the song won’t be a new one, I want to hear Miki-sama’s voice again. And hopefully her version of the single will sell more than Takao’s. :3 Now we can just hope for Mari & Kei to get solo careers…