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Hello! Project’s 2008 in My View
December 31, 2008

Here is my review for Hello! Project 2008. I will post my top three favorite releases from 2008, arranged in six categories –

  • Singles
  • A-Sides
  • B-Sides
  • Albums
  • Album Tracks
  • Photobooks



Hello! Project 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts Kouen ~Hishochi de Date Itashima Show~ Review
November 1, 2008

Hello! Project 2008 Summer Wonderful Hearts Kouen

Here is my review for the newly released Wonderful Hearts concert! I was initially really excited for this to come out, since the setlist is kinda awesome. I actually haven’t heard of many of these songs before, but I’m really excited to hear them!


Something Strange is Happening to Me…
July 25, 2008

My preference in certain H!P members has changed quite a lot this month. Some of it even happened in less than a few days. To start off,

Suzuki Airi, who I used to love to no end, is kinda annoying me now. She is still super adorable but there is something about her that is making me feel odd. She used to be number two on my C-ute ranking, but now she is number three. Obviously not a big drop, but I just don’t feel the same way anymore.

The same thing goes for Hagiwara Mai. I don’t hate her but I cannot stand her singing voice, it’s so annoying. It never annoyed me so much before. She is cute and is interesting to watch on TV shows and stuff like that but STOP GIVING HER SINGING LINES. I am glad that she is not a front girl in C-ute anymore, Saki’s voice is way more pleasant to the ears that Mai’s in my opinion.

I am actually starting to feel some hate against Kusumi Koharu, which has never happened to me before. Koharu was once my favorite Morning Musume member, but now she has fallen to last place. Her newest photobook is kinda ticking me off and she is starting to really annoy me when she sings in Morning Musume. I like her when she’s Kirari though, but not as much as before. It seriously just happened. She was number five in my rankings just yesterday morning. I just woke up and figured out I didn’t like her that much anymore.

Michishige Sayumi was one of my least favorite current Morning Musume members, (not because I didn’t like her, I just didn’t really pay attention to her) but she just took Koharu’s spot at number five. This started just this month. Her voice isn’t as bad as Koharu’s, she has lots of stage presence and one of the best personalities and sense of humor Morning Musume or even Hello! Project has to offer. And obviously, she is really cute. This clip is just so sweet and it proves that she can actually sing.

I have a sudden love for Kumai Yurina. Before, I liked her, but I never really noticed her. Now, I really like her. Who can’t love this gentle giant? Her personality is what draws me to her – she seems to be one of the most well-mannered members of Hello! Project from what we can see.

This is the most shocking of all – I am actually liking Sugaya Risako. I never thought the day would come. She is still going to be one of my least favorite H!P members for a while, but I find her looking cute every now and then. She is still a horrible singer, dancer, performer and comedian but for some reason, I like her now! I was just looking at her third photobook and it’s actually pretty good. I am currently writing a post about the H!PK and I had to rewrite almost all of my thoughts on Risako because I just didn’t feel the same way. I seriously just woke up a few days ago and something hit me that said “I don’t hate Sugaya Risako anymore”. She is kinda charming in the “what the hell is she doing”? way.

Is there a proper name for this disease? What is happening to me!?

Hello! Project Photobooks
May 18, 2008

I’ve recently been searching for photobooks because I haven’t seen many of them before. I have all the current Morning Musume members & H!P Kids photobooks on my computer now & I just want to post my thoughts on them.


New Star Audition in Taiwan
May 13, 2008

Beginning May 24th, there will be auditions for new Hello! Project members from Taiwan aged 6-24 years old. The results will be revealed on June 7th. The winners will be chosen by Tsunku & the they will debut in Japan as a Hello! Project member.

Sources –

I’m kinda excited for this because Jun Jun & Lin Lin from China were one of the best ideas Tsunku has ever had. Hopefully the new members know some Japanese or can at least learn it as fast as JunLin did. But I don’t think they should be adding 6 year olds – I say no younger than 14. O_o