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Iida Kaori’s Baby Son Dies of Chronic Renal Failure
November 28, 2008

I have some sad news to report today – the 6 month old son of former Morning Musume member Iida Kaori, 27, has past away on July 27th due to chronic renal failure.

According to this article, a memorial service was held in September and she will come back to stage sometime next year.

…I never expected something like this to happen…poor Kaori. My condolences. I can’t believe it. We never knew much about her son, his name was never even released, but I’m in complete shock. I would feel much more excited about her comeback if her son was healthy…I really hope she’s OK. T_T

Official Statement from H!P/UFA

Official Statement From Kaori

This post will be updated when more news becomes available.